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DIY Slushy Magic!

My kid has been begging for a Slushy Magic . I do not want an overpriced poorly reviewed piece o’crap cluttering up my kitchen. Fortunately, the electric company sent tree trimmers over today. So, to buy off my four year-old from standing under the trees as they were being cut, I brushed off my Super Mom cape and found a way to make slushies.

I pulled out the trusty Kitchen Aid mixer and put on the ice cream making bowl and attachments. We poured in Sprite and a few drops of blue food coloring then let it spin on a low speed for a couple of minutes. Voila! Slushies!

As Seen on TV…or, As Seen in My Kitchen!

From reading other reviews I think this was a good way to go about making slushies at home because:

  1. I did not blow $30
  2. No messy baggies, salt, or extra cleaning parts to deal with
  3. No exploding slushies (‘ya know, from shaking the carbonated drinks)
  4. Finally, another use for that ice cream making attachment! Kitchen Aid accessories are not cheap, I hate it when they collect dust.

I feel like I should have earned a badge or something.

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  1. I was there and didn’t get one!!! Slushies must be expensive and difficult to make, however, Will told me he loves me like Mommy……..it is good to see all the chocolate worked.

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