‘The Rural Diaries’ by Hilarie Burton Morgan

‘The Rural Diaries’ by Hilarie Burton Morgan is a breath of fresh air. The perfect memoir for the One Tree Hill generation!

How to Make Gettysburg a Memorable and Fun Topic

Today’s Guest Post is from Sara Gruber about her daughter’s experience learning about the Battle of Gettysburg from her backyard. Thanks for sharing! The new norm? Sitting at the kitchen table, trying to do my “job” while homeschooling my two daughters. Oh, you have a literature Zoom at 2:30 pm? My mind runs through today’s to-do list… which report can I finish in that 30-minute window? Your worksheet is taking a while? Maybe I can draft a media release now so I won’t be up as late tonight. Every minute is painstakingly filled to maximize productivity and it’s somehow become our normal. What’s more? Even though much of our time together is spent homeschooling, I want it to be fun; something they look back on fondly, which means I have to preserve my sanity in these beautiful daily tasks. And when the time comes to switching over to focusing on work, I have a find a way to do so without mom guilt because I need to provide for my family. What I’m discovering is that there are a lot of fun, free resources out there that engage and educate my kiddos. Mixed-Reality App that Recreates Battle of Gettysburg Gives

How to Make the Best Grilled Cheese Sandwich of All Time

Grilled cheese sandwiches are deceptively simple. They hit all the pleasure points – melty, buttery, crunchy perfection! But what if you could elevate your eating experience? I know. How can you improve on perfection? But, you can! How To Up Your Basic GC Game CHEESE COMBINATIONS Some cheese melts well while others add depth of flavor. A combination of two or more will strike a great balance. For melting you cannot go wrong with Mild cheddar, Colby, Monterey Jack, Swiss, and Mozzarella. These are younger and have more moisture. But, for a flavor impact you need something aged. Try a sharp cheddar, aged Swiss, Asiago, or Gruyère. Pro-Tip: Do not just slap a slice on the bread. Break them a part and overlap them so the flavors meld. BREAD Use dense bread with small holes like a hearty white sandwich or country bread. The cheese won’t melt through. That being said, maybe you want a nice tangy, adult flavor that only a crusty sourdough can impart. #RulesAreMeantToBeBroken EMBRACE THE FAT Use fat generously – spread the butter or mayonnaise across your bread from end to end Butter is a classic. Nothing else will give you that butter flavor. However, mayo

Spring 2020 kids book list

Spring 2020: The Best New Kid’s Books Your Family Will Love

Spring 2020 is here! New books are hitting the shelves (virtually, speaking). Thanks to an amazing group of publishers we have been reading advanced copies to find our favorites. Our top five picks are books your kids will love and you will not mind reading again and again. Which are you ready to read? A Is for Another Rabbit, by Hannah Batsel Who doesn’t love funny and charmingly aggravating rabbits! This is not your traditional ABC book. Every letter is not highlighted in a big bold font and, as the story goes on it devolves into wascally wabbit madness and the letters are used much more loosely. But, it is totally that kind of book! Before you start to read be prepared to do voices – your kids will like it so much more! You need a fun freewheeling Lagomorph-loving rabbit voice and an uptight losing-it owl (as a parent you should be able to channel that one pretty easily). What I loved about the book is that it is fun, does not take itself too seriously, and mixes in big words (like tenacious, rambunctious, and obstreperous). The art is great! Our poor owl, who is just trying to make

Week Four: Our Virtual Houston! What’s Going on This Week, April 6-12

Here we are again, computer to computer! I hope you have found your at-home rhythm or are getting close! As the situation is evolving more and more people, companies, and friends are switching gear and going virtual! In the past few weeks, we have shared a lot of great resources from tips for a productive homeschool to helping kids cope during this really stressful time (including a direct link to an amazing Time Capsule printable so they can document this moment in history). The vibe around town is full-blown #HoustonStrong and the virtual world is still improving (thank you, Dolly!). Below are some great activities you can participate in this week “locally” and abroad. As we have all gotten on board with virtual the opportunities have exploded. Local and Houston-based (even though they are virtual) are added to our calendar (and this week’s are listed below). All the others have now been added to various online “round-ups”. We are linking some of the best ones we found below. To access our previous categorized list check out this link. Have a great week, Houston! Small Business Shoutout Support small businesses! Have a great business that has had to shake things up

7 Easy Ways to Empower Kids During Chaos and Uncertainty

Kids need us to help them navigate hard times. We are sharing seven easy ways to help your kids feel safe, fun, and in control during trying and tumultuous times. Be a Role Model Kids take their cues from the people they love and look up to. You! Be aware of how you talk about COVID-19 around your kids. Be calm and explain how your family will stay safe. Save negative or unsure topics for adult-time. Practice proper handwashing and coughing Social distancing (you can’t expect them to be reasonable about staying away from friends if you aren’t) Maintaining a regular household routine (as much as you can) – especially make sure everyone gets enough sleep! Read the right information. Only get your news from unbiased, fact-based sources. Be positive! Time Capsule To help your kids you do not have to pretend like everything is okay. In fact, you can embrace this time to talk about other things big events you have lived through and how you dealt with them. One really awesome option put together by Long Creations is a COVID-19 time capsule. It is an 11-page pdf that will help them appreciate who they are now and the

at home on the bay oyster bed

‘At Home with The Bay’ Video Series for Kids

The Galveston Bay Foundation is launching a new program called At Home with The Bay. Their mission is to preserve and protect Galveston Bay as a healthy and productive place for generations to come. As such, it is making things easier by providing enriching programs to all kiddos and their parents while we are all unable to actually explore the Bay. This new program, At Home with The Bay, is a weekly video series. Geared towards Elementary & Middle School students, it will cover a wide variety of conservation topics related to the Bay. The goal is to get students of all ages outdoors and connected with nature through hands-on STEM curriculum. Further, they want youth inspired to be the future stewards of the Bay.  Each week, the Foundation will release a weekly video and an activity guide. The first video just debuted last Monday, focused on Oysters & Oyster Reefs. Additional videos are in production, including topics such as Wetlands, Bay Biodiversity, & The Microscopic Ecosystem.   What is Included? Each video will have an activity guide that goes along with the lesson.  The guide will include educational assessment aspects such as diagram labeling, true/false statements, and quick writes.   It will also have the full directions for the conservation craft and safety

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