Best Pizza in Houston

Where to Find the Best Pizza in Houston – 31 Delicious Options!

Who has the best pizza in Houston? Depends on who you ask. People from outside of town do not get the magnitude and span of our city. So, it makes perfect sense that our city has many, many fantastic pizzerias! However, we have “narrowed” it down to the top 31 shops. In this way no matter where you are in our vast city you can find the best pizza in Houston! The Best Pizza in Houston Alphabetically 1. BOH Pasta & Pizza Neighborhood: Downtown What to order: Definitely not just pizza (check out the Squid Ink Bucatini Frutti DI mARE), but the pizza is worth finding downtown. How many pizza places do you know that have to close because they run out of dough?! This place has barbecue level fame and is every review proves it. Even if you do not frequent downtown they have frozen pizzas to take home! Website Google Maps 2. Bollo Woodfired Pizza Neighborhood: Downtown What to order: All of their authentic Neopolitan pizzas are baked in an 800° wood-fired oven. If you are unsure start with a classic Margherita! And, not to tell you what to do but they have Nutella gelato…just sayin’. Website Google

pinata cake

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Heartbreak Piñata Cakes

Move over hot cocoa bombs, piñata cakes are here! Or, you can have your cake and drink your bombs too! Plus, they are here just in time for Valentine’s Day. What are Piñata Cakes? Sadly, there is no actual cake in a piñata cake – but, there is so much more fun! Piñata cakes are a hard decorated shell of chocolate filled with treats. Nearly always they are delivered with a mallet for cracking! What is especially fun is the fillings can be customized to suit. Generally you see an assortment of candy and toys but if you work with your baker you can have specific treats, money, gift cards, or a special gift put inside. Really the sky is the limit. Where to Get Your Hands on One Like hot cocoa bombs think small and local. We love the piñata cakes from Houston baker, Sugar Break Cakes – plus she makes heart-shaped Cocoa Bombs (because cocoa bombs will be fun forever!). Another place to check is your local social media groups on Facebook and Nextdoor. We are always amazed by the talented crafts and goods made by moms! Lastly, scroll through our list of Hot Cocoa bomb makers and

‘The Gilded Ones,’ by Namina Forna

The Gilded Ones, by Namina Forna Pre-Order and it will arrive on its publication day, February 9th, 2021 Her blood proves her worth. Deka lives in Otera, a land that has ritualized the patriarchy to keep women in their place. ‘The Gilded Ones,’ Namina Forna’s debut novel, takes you deep into these themes and more. As girls reach their sixteenth year they are sent to the village temples for a ceremony to determine their purity. If their blood runs true they become a member of society. If their blood runs gold a girl is impure and sentenced to death. What is not shared about these gilded girls is that gold blood does not just mark them as unworthy of society but as something more. They are stronger, faster, and much much harder to kill. As Deka’s blood ran gold I immediately thought of the Red Queen Series. If you are at all concerned they are too similar – young women, outcasts of society, supernatural powers, oppressive governments – then let me assuage your worries. By chapter three ‘The Gilded Ones’ has set its own pace and story. Deathshrieks Then we meet the deathshrieks. They are supernatural beasts with razor-sharp claws

cirque italia water circus

Cirque Italia’s Water Circus + GIVEAWAY of 2 Family Four-Packs!

The Cirque is coming! The Cirque is coming! Sharpen your cutlass and dust off your eye patch, Cirque Italia is taking you on an epic pirate adventure! Come to the brand new production! Notably, it is under the big top tent but this circus experience is unlike any other as it features a 35,000 gallon water tank. And, we have tickets to giveaway! The cirque begins when our Ringmaster goes fishing and finds a treasure map. Consequently, he must brave the high seas, dodge pirate fights, resist the lure of mermaids to claim the treasure as his own. In classic cirque tradition audiences will delight to see aerialists, knife juggling, a suspenseful crossbow act, and the Wheel of Death! Cirque Italia Water Circus Location & Date The Cirque will be in town February 4-7, 2021 and the big top tents are raising at Katy Mills Mall. Tickets are between $10 and $40 – but we are so excited to partner with Cirque Italia to GIVEAWAY two family-four packs! If you have never been to a cirque performance inside of a tent it is safe to say you are in for an experience. Traditional shows in theaters and stadiums are large

hot springs

How to Hike the Hot Springs Trail with Kids

Our third hike on Day two at Big Bend National Park is the Hot Springs Trail. Like Boquillas, this is rated as a not-to-be-missed hike. Along the Hot Springs Trail, there are ruins of the old bathhouse, post office, and motel; a hot spring (duh!); the Rio Grande; pictographs, and petroglyphs. To get a fantastic history of this trail read “Big Bend: A Homesteader’s Story,” by J.O. Langford (referenced in the Packing & Prepping article).  Oh, and did I mention the thrill of almost dropping to your death? Shear fun. This is in reference to the road in. It is terrifyingly narrow. It is only a one-lane with quite an angled drop off. Wide vehicles and RVs cannot take this road (there is a parking lot and you can walk in) and I have no idea what you do if someone decides to leave when you are coming in! What We Would Do Differently This trail also gave us some good hindsight perspective. If I did it again I would still make it our last hike of the day, but, particularly with kids, we would only hike the first quarter to half – maybe just down to the hot springs. Everything

Rio Grande Village Nature Trail – How to See Four Ecosystems in One!

After hiking down to the beautiful Boquillas Canyon and screaming our echoes for one singing Mexican to hear we drove to the Rio Grande Village. Here there are bathrooms, a visitor’s center, and a store. The visitor’s center was closed on the day we were there. Rather, we bought sandwiches at the store and topped off our Camelbacks with water. Our late start meant we would be out in the mid-day heat longer than we had originally planned. The store has picnic tables out front and we ate in the shade before trekking to our second trail. Our next scheduled trail is the Rio Grande Village Nature Trail. If I did this day over I would do this one first as there is no shade or cover. Even though, this would mean a bit of backtracking to head to Boquillas then come back for the Hot Springs Trail. The Rio Grande Village Nature Trail is a short loop, about three-quarters of a mile. Even though it is brief and hot it is not to be missed as you travel through all the ecosystems in one little hike. However, if you have young kids and it is the middle of the

Little boy hiking Boquillas Canyon

Discover Boquillas Canyon Home of the Singing Mexican

Boquillas Canyon Our first hike is at Boquillas Canyon. It is another popular hike as it is pretty easy for everyone with gradual inclines and it gently heads down to one of the three canyons in Big Bend National Park. Not to mention, if you bring your passport and time it correctly, you can pass into Mexico and visit the town of Boquillas. Boquillas, Mexico While you are there you can pick up your Boquillas stick – a light-weight hiking stick that is usually adorned with a painting of an animal or vegetation. These make great souvenirs for the kids. If you are unable to cross the border the Boquillas sticks are pretty easy to find around Big Bend National Park in the various stores and centers. They are cheaper on the border ($5-8) but you will not spend more than $20 either way. River Singers and Puppies Notably, Boquillas is famous for “Singing Mexican.” As you descend toward the river listen for bars of “Ay – yai – yai – yai!” ringing out. Do not be alarmed it just means you are in the right place. Unless border patrol has come through recently, you will likely see small handmade

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