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A homeschool co-op or group can be exactly what your family needs to round out their homeschool life. Fortunately, Houston is big! Which means there are a lot of options to find just the right homeschool co-op or group for your family. From religious, to secular, to park days, to science classes all around town families are coming together to give their kids the best experience and opportunities.

We do try to maintain a comprehensive list. However, like families, homeschool co-ops often adapt and change to meet their members’ needs. Sometimes a group is only around for a season. Often a playgroup will evolve into something more.

Further, membership requirements vary wildly. This is largely due to the fact that families are creating spaces where they want to grow and thrive and build community. All that just to say, it may take a few tries to find your fit or you may find that starting your own community is the way to go. That is largely where this page our groups come in.

Below we keep a running geographic list of active homeschool co-ops and groups in the Houston area. We try to provide a basic description to guide you in the right direction. Additionally, we maintain several Facebook groups. These are quite large and are a great place to ask questions and get recommendations – including about other groups. So, if you cannot find what you are looking for below feel free to join our groups and ask if anyone else knows of a homeschool co-op that focuses on the philosophy at Hogwarts or urban gardening or regular skate park meet ups or whatever community you would like to build or become a part of.

Greater Houston Moms Homeschool

A public group open to families and businesses. This group is great for those interested in homeschooling but have not decided.

Greater Houston Homeschoolers

This group is private and only for active homeschooling families living in and around the Houston area. Great for finding your people and hearing about events around Houston.

Greater Houston Working HS Moms

This is a very small group and not very active, but can be very helpful if you are working and homeschooling and need the advice and community of people in a similar situation.

Greater Houston Moms Group

General group for Houston area moms – not homeschool specific.

Houston Moms Read & Book Club

Not homeschool specific – just books. 🙂

More Houston homeschooling resources:

Homeschool Co-Op Options and Groups in the Greater Houston Area

The geographic region is where the events generally take place, regular meetings and/ or park days. Many groups do field trips etc. that may take them out of the designated zone. The map is for reference only. Most pins are not exact locations of these Houston homeschool groups. Further, groups or a homeschool co-op is presumed to be secular unless an overt mention to religion is listed in a descriptor.

To be included/ removed from the list please email ghm@greaterhoustonmoms.com.

Preferred Location


Homeschool Co-op or Groups | Downtown, River Oaks, Midtown, West University, Braeswood, Third Ward, Second Ward, Near Northside, Fifth Ward, Heights


  • Houston Alternative Education Alliance (HAEA), over 25 years old – “A secular-inclusive group where homeschooling kids and parents in the city of Houston can connect through a variety of social and educational activities.”
    • Annual Dues; Secular; Hosts: park days, field trips, events, classes, and has a maker group
    • Primary communication is through the Meetup group, but a Facebook group is available for support for members
  • Holistic Global Education Center, Inc. – Holistic Global Education Community is about co-learning for self-directed learners in a community of homeschooling families.
  • Houston Homeschool Community (HHC) – “A group for homeschooling families living in the Houston area who are working towards or are currently practicing peaceful parenting. HHC is a parent-facilitated, child-focused group comprised of awesome people and fun events.”
  • Houston Inner Loop/Memorial Homeschool Group (Facebook) – “A group for homeschoolers who live/work/travel close in to Houston”
  • Houston inner loop homeschool – “Inner loop homeschoolers who want o he together with children their age to socialize and learn together.”
  • Third Ward Houston Homeschoolers


  • Houston Homeschool Socialites – “A branch of Christian Homeschool Socialites. A group for Houston (Inner Loop) activities, events and deeper connections for mamas and kiddos in this area of town!”

North/ Northeast

Homeschool Co-op or Groups | Spring, Oak Ridge, Conroe, Aldine, Humble, Kingwood, Atascocita, New Caney, Huffman


  • Crosby Explorers – “Offering free or cheap support and activities for homeschoolers in the Crosby area, in a stress free environment. Offering free or cheap support and activities for homeschoolers in the Crosby area, in a stress free environment.”
  • EMCTX Homeschoolers –  “…event and support group located in the East Montgomery County, TX area. 
  • Homeschool Families of Conroe – “…for currently homeschooling families in the Conroe/Montgomery area to have a safe place to get together to socialize, talk about curriculum, make friends, and have field trips…a cap on the number of members.”
  • HOC (Homeschoolers of Conroe) – “…a place for us to connect and share ideas! We welcome everyone…”
  • Homeschooling in Humble (Facebook) – “…a secular and inclusive group and welcome all homeschooling and unschooling families in NE Houston, Humble, and the surrounding area. “
  • Homeschooling Journey Northeast Houston
  • Homeschoolin’ Homies of Houston – “…bring together homeschoolers from the ages of 5-11 years old (age range gets older as current group gets older) and their families…a group that truly develops genuine connections for their children, as well as genuine connections amongst the parents.” 
  • Kingwood Homeschool/Unschool Group – “…an informal group for homeschoolers and unschoolers in kingwood and surrounding areas. This group is meant to create a community outlet to meet the needs of alternative learning”
  • North Houston Homeschoolers – Most posts are homeschool servicing businesses and events in north Houston.
  • Northeast Houston Area Homeschoolers – “…share what they are doing in their homeschooling adventures…(Kingwood, Atascocita, Porter, Huffman, Crosby, New Caney, Baytown)”
  • Rayford Road Homeschool Group – “… a proximity friendly social group for families currently homeschooling and living near Rayford Rd and 99!…includes children from preschool through high school.”
  • Squad Support Group – “A member-governed, inclusive community of homeschooling families in the Humble/Kingwood, Texas area. We encourage and respectfully support a membership diverse in homeschool style, race, religion, life philosophy, political views, family composition and situation”



Homeschool Co-op or Groups | Garden Oaks, Jersey Village, Willowbrook, Tomball, Cypress, Champions Klein, Magnolia, The Woodlands



  • Champion Forest Christian Homeschoolers (CFCH) – Exclusively for members of Champion Forest Baptist Church, annual dues. “…to bring families together for the purpose of fellowship and encouragement… preschool all the way through high school…mom’s fellowship, park days, and field trips,…”  
  • Christian Homeschoolers, Spring/ Tomball/ Cypress – “If Christ is the center of your homeschool and you live in the Greater Houston area, then you are welcome here…”
  • Compass Homeschool Co-Op – “…a Christian homeschool co op with a Missions Focus…” Mondays from 9:30 – 2:30 pm (academic Classes held in the morning and Elective classes held in the afternoon), and offer either full day or afternoon only options.
  • Deseret Homeschoolers – “is meant to be of interest to LDS families involved in the education of their own children, although membership is not limited to LDS families, nor is a statement of faith required for participation.”
    • Annual registration fee, Co-Op, Group Classes & Field Trips, Teens group
    • Facebook Group
  • FAITH of Northwest Houston – “A Christian parent-led organization that offers a variety of academic and enrichment classes with a primary focus on Junior High and High School courses.”
    • $350 annual family fee
  • Heritage Christian Homeschool Group – “A support group for the Northwest Houston area…Currently, Heritage has an active Teen group.  There will be a monthly social event or service project.”
    • $10 yearly fee
  • Homewood Christian Association – An active homeschool group for all ages. Requires yearly dues and a statement of faith.
  • Shield Christian Co-Op – Co-Op registration is in August, but you can become a social member year-round and get on their waitlist.
  • Soli Deo Gloria School (Home School Co-Op) – Classes meet on Tuesdays (mid August- April) from 9am-4pm. 30 weeks total.
  • Tomball Christian Homeschoolers – “We are a group for Christian homeschoolers in the Tomball area.”
  • WHHE Teen Group (Northwest/ West) – “…to bring together home educated teens in Christ centered fellowship, to minister to the community through service projects, and to provide teens with learning & leading opportunities..”


Homeschool Co-op or Groups | Spring Branch, Memorial, Copperfield, Cypress, Katy, Cinco Ranch, Westchase



  • Awesome Homeschoolers – “Christian based Homeschooling group…board members and advisory board are required to sign statements of faith to serve. We don’t ask our members. We ask that everybody be courteous and respectful of everybody else beliefs …a group of homeschooling families looking to plan events for our kids and support each other,…” 
  • Bayou City Fellowship Homeschool Families – new members need to be members of Bayou City Fellowship
  • Christian Homeschoolers Support Group Katy Area – “.. a conservative Christian group. We want to bring awareness to the advantages of homeschool education and network with other homeschoolers.”
  • GOCO – Giving Our Children Opportunities – “A Christian homeschool community co-op, intent on glorifying Jesus as we gather weekly to enrich our children’s’ educational experiences…”
  • Katy Association of Christian Homeschoolers (KACH) –  “To support and encourage fellow homeschooling families in and around Katy, Texas…encouraging the formation of small groups to meet member needs and interests, we are a conduit for field trips, and most of all we provide a forum for homeschool parents to announce opportunities, ask questions, and seek prayer from other Christians.”
  • LIGHT Katy Co-Op – “A parent-led Christian homeschool cooperative in the Katy, Texas, area seeking to come alongside other homeschooling families to live intentionally and grow together.”
    • $25-$60 family fee per year
  • West Houston Home Educators (WHHE) Teen Group – A welcoming atmosphere for teens aged 13 & up who are homeschooled & wish to develop friendships as they participate in socials, service, & learning opportunities over the course of the school year. From September to May, the teen student council plan 1 social & 1 service most months. They also attend dance lessons & etiquette class leading up to two casual themed dances & an elegant formal. We have members from all over the Greater Houston Area.? Parents are always welcome.


Homeschool Co-op or Groups | Bellaire, Missouri City, Sugar Land, Richmond, Rosenberg, First Colony



  • Missouri City Homeschool Co-op – “…a Christian based homeschool co-op…create bonds, make friends, have fun, encourage each other, and teach our kids together.” 
  • Sugar Creek Christian Home Educators (SCCHE) – “A private member support group for Christian families committed to supporting and encouraging one another in the homeschool journey. We serve the southwest Houston, Texas area, with most of our members residing in Houston, Missouri City, Richmond, Sugar Land, and neighboring communities.”


Homeschool Co-op or Groups | Almeda, Pearland, Friendswood, Sienna Plantation, Alvin, Brazoria



  • Brazoria County Christian Home Educators (BCCHE) – “A Christian homeschool co-op…weekly- Mondays “ for twelve weeks in the Fall, and twelve weeks in the Spring”
  • Classical Conversations Pearland
    • Monday group meets near Yost & Broadway
    • Friday group meets near Dixie Farm & Broadway
  • H.I.S. – Homeschool Instructional Support Co-op – “A co-operative effort among home school parents to provide classes that meet once a week for the purpose of providing instruction in core subject areas as well as supplementary and elective areas…Classes meet …on Tuesdays from August through May.”
  • Pearland HomeSchool Moms (Facebook) – “… post an introduction of yourself, ask questions pertaining to your homeschool journey or offer prayer requests. Feel free to post park days and field trips as well.”


Homeschool Co-op or Groups | Galveston, Clear Lake, Pasadena, Deer Park


  • Bay Area Homeschooling Hub – “…for homeschool parents in the Houston Bay Area (Webster, League City, Seabrook, Dickinson, La Porte, Texas City, Santa Fe, Pasadena, Friendswood, etc.) to meet, talk, and share ideas and events.” 
  • EASTs – Enrichment, Academics, and Socialization for Tweens, Teens, and their siblings –  “A co-operative learning community, offering shared teaching and learning, where an adult from each family contributes by teaching or assisting in classes. Our focus is on the needs of homeschooled tweens and teens, and their younger siblings. During the regular school year, we meet once a week on Fridays…”
  • Galveston Homeschool Performing Arts Co-op – “Offer[s] instruction in choir, band, general music, recorder, music theory, beginning piano, beginning guitar, strings, art, dance and drama…While we are a Christian organization, this is not a requisite for the participation in this co-op.”
  • Galveston & Bay Area Homeschool Social Group – “…dedicated for field trips, park days, and enrichment activities. “
  • H.O.P.E. Homeschool Group – “Hands-on Opportunities to Provide Enrichment…a secular homeschool group serving Texas City and the surrounding communities. We will offer classes, activities, and events for homeschoolers and their families.”
  • YEA! Homeschool Group – Fully secular, highly inclusive social homeschool group for teens, but also welcome tweens 10 years old and up.


  • Agape (Facebook) – “…both an inclusive group & an exclusive faith-based Co-op. We are special-needs friendly & welcome all ages. Our group is inclusive & open to all local homeschooling families. We plan field trips, art “classes” meet-ups, playdates, beach days, science experiments, mom breaks, & more!” Membership and statement of faith are required.
  • Bay Area Catholic Homeschoolers (BACH) –  “…a support group for Catholic homeschooling families in the greater Clear Lake area of Texas.  We are not a co-op which means that we do not offer classes.”
  • Bay Area Performing Arts Co-Op (BPAC) – Meets Thursdays; “Offer[s] instruction in choir, band, general music, recorder, music theory, beginning piano, beginning guitar, strings, art, dance and drama…While we are a Christian organization, this is not a requisite for the participation in this co-op.”
  • Bayshore Christian Homeschoolers
  • FAITH Association of Homeschoolers – ” academic support and enrichment to home school families, which would enhance a parent’s effort to educate their children, by offering quality classes in a Christian environment….meet on Mondays.”
    • Annual registration is $200 per family
  • Gulf Coast Christian Homeschoolers (GCCHS) – An active groups with events, park days, classes, clubs, holiday parties, MNO, and field trips. Open enrollment is in January and August.
  • Queen of Saints Catholic Homeschool Co-op –  “A group of Catholic families who meet once per week on Wednesday for academic and enrichment classes for their homeschooled children.”
  • REACH Homeschool Co-op – “A well-rounded balance of academic and elective enrichment classes to supplement your homeschool…age-appropriate PE, Social Studies, Art and Science choices in each age group…also offers elective classes for each department/age level that may include but are not limited to art, crafts, cooking, cake decorating, music, drama, etc.”


Homeschool Co-op or Groups | Galena Park, Channelview, Highlands, Baytown, Beaumont


  • L.I.F.E. Homeschool Group (Facebook) – “… a social network with events and activities for SETX homeschoolers, ages 5-18.”
  • Secular Homeschoolers of Southeast Texas (Facebook) – “…a homeschooling support, events, and activity group for parents of Southeast Texas who are, or are interested in homeschooling/unschooling/virtual schooling their children.”
  • Zocially Homeschooled (ZoHo) Social group for teens|tweens in Houston – “…an all inclusive, peaceful & laid back group with scheduled activities for our teens & the occasional parent night out. All of our activities and events are created FOR our teens while being younger sibling friendly.”

You must have at least an 11 year old child to be accepted into the group.


  • Baytown Area Homeschoolers – “group dedicated to serving homeschoolers in the Greater Baytown,TX area (Mont Belvieu, Highlands, Crosby, Dayton, Liberty, Kenefick, Winnie, Anahuac, Wallisville, Channelview and surrounding areas) by seeking the Lord’s guidance and providing”

National Groups That May Have a Group in the Houston Area

Online-only, City & State-wide Groups and Resources

Houston Area

  • Christian Homeschooling in Greater Houston (Facebook) – “Christian homeschool moms and dads in the Houston area, a place to chat about our faith and homeschool, encouraging one another in prayer and support during times of struggles or times of rejoicing.”
  • Fort Bend County Homeschoolers – “A place to share activities, events, and educational information with home school families in the Fort Bend County area. “
  • Houston Muslim Homeschool Community (Facebook) – “…to support our Muslim community here in the Greater Houston area to enjoy and endeavor in one of the most beneficial and valuable pursuits of all: educating our children.”
  • Houston Muslim Homeschoolers (Facebook) – ” to connect Muslim homeschoolers who live in Houston, TX. The objective is to share knowledge, ideas, ask questions and support new homeschooling parents.”
  • LDS Houston Homeschoolers (Facebook) – “…to network with one another and find out information about homeschool groups, events, and activities going on in and around Houston. “
Special Group
  • HHH Happy Houston Hippies Homeschool/ Unschool (Facebook) – “a group for the Happy Houston Hippies that either home/Unschool or are interested. Share info, ask questions, create events, etc. “
  • Houston Black Homeschoolers – “… to connect Houston Black homeschooling families as well as provide them social, educational, and parental support.”
  • Houston Area Gifted Homeschoolers (Facebook) – “… a secular group for gifted homeschool children and their families in the Houston area. We plan play dates and activities that appeal to gifted children. We also offer support for parents of gifted children.”
  • Houston Homeschool/ Unschool Connect (Facebook) – “…for posting information and meet-ups for homeschoolers and unschoolers! We will share classes and events, we aim towards low-cost or free! 
  • Houston Homeschoolers for Social Change (HHSC) – “…to create in-person connections with homeschooling families, of tweens and teens, with similar values…believe in the urgency of responding to the Call of Our Times for: the Climate Crisis, BLM Movement, BIPOC Struggles, LBGQT+ rights, youth rights, and more.”
  • Houston Secular Homeschoolers (Facebook) – “…Families interested in secular inclusive homeschooling. We are also inclined towards peaceful/positive parenting. We welcome all who are open-minded, tolerant, and think critically and freely as it pertains to secular homeschooling.”
  • Houston Texas Homeschool Nature Group (Facebook) – “A homeschool group that meets every Friday at 10:00 am to explore nature.”
  • Minorities Homeschooling in Houston (Facebook) – “…to support, encourage, and share our homeschooling journey.”
  • Multicultural Homeschoolers of Houston – “…for home-educators, BIPOC families and allies who are looking to connect with other diverse homeschooling families. We are about multiculturalism, historical empathy, holistic parenting, self-directed education, hands-on experiences, culture through music and arts, gameschooling, and more!”
General Local Area Support


High School to College
General State-wide Support
  • Texans for Homeschool Freedom – From their description: “a parental rights advocacy group dedicated to the support of families who apply their Constitutionally based liberty by choosing to take control of their children’s education in the manner and setting that is best suited to them.”
  • Texas Homeschool Support (Facebook) – “This group is for those looking to legally withdraw from public school & begin homeschooling [home·school·ing: noun: the education of children at home by their parents:::Definitions from Oxford Languages]. (Also see above regarding Compulsory Attendance age) It is a group for information regarding homeschooling, not distance learning/public school at home. “
  • Texas Homeschoolers Support Group (Facebook) – “…to help parents have the best, most rewarding homeschooling experience that they can have.”

General Homeschooling Groups and Resources

  • Autism & Homeschooling – “…a discussion and support group available to everyone who is interested in home educating kids on the autism spectrum.”
  • Homeschool Curriculum Marketplace – “to buy, sell, and swap *curriculum*. “
  • Homeschool FREE Printables – “Free resources, activities and printables for homeschooling.”
  • Homeschooling Middle and High School – “… for parents of homeschooled preteens and teens.”
  • Homeschooling Poppies – “…Gifted homeschoolers unite, with the poppies that they educating.”
  • Homeschooling Preschoolers – “…a community of “homeschool teachers” to share ideas, ask questions, & express concerns, all relating to homeschooling preschoolers.”
  • It’s Not That Hard to Homeschool High School – “…for homeschool parents to discuss everything that homeschooling high school entails, from picking curriculum to parenting teens — and more.”
  • Minimalist Homeschoolers – “…to bring together people who home school / home educate their children, and embrace, or inspire to live the minimalist lifestyle…”
  • Secular Homeschool Families – “… “not overtly or specifically religious” (Websters Dictionary). SHF welcomes homeschoolers from all walks of life, all faiths and no faith.”
  • Worldschoolers – From their description: “a community, whose origins span the globe, representing different nationalities, belief systems, cultures, and worldviews. We are a community of learners and adventurers, families of all sizes, people of all ages.”