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Are you looking for a way to meaningfully connect with Houston families?

Since 2016 we have been the local resource for Houston moms and families. We are completely authentic – we are not a franchise or posting from who-knows-where! We live in Houston and actively engage with thousands of Houston families and visitors each month.

For all inquiries looking to connect and/or promote your business via various marketing measures please contact us directly at

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  • Your estimated marketing budget for this promotion – this helps us customize a targeted proposal for your business needs and helps us to create a more comprehensive partnership. If you are looking for a short term partnership we also have one-time, targeted promotion package options.
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  • Preferred Marketing/ Promotion Services: Social Media, Digital Ad on, Newsletter Advertising, Featured Placement in highly visible digital resource guides (ex: summer camp guide, etc.), Dedicated Featured Article, Custom Package/Long Term Partnership

Are you interested in Guest Posting on Greater Houston Moms?

We love collaborating with individuals that will add meaningful, quality content to GHM.

Have a good look around to understand our audience. Then determine how your article can fulfill their needs.

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Successful Content will be of service to the GHM audience:

  • Houston – local, local, local! It’s up there in the title. Local is good. However, we are non-specific. Houston is huge and has so many angles to discover, so relevant Houston area content is awesome.
  • Moms -Again, right in the title of the site. Our target audience is moms, so write to them. It doesn’t mean you necessarily have to be one or even female (contrary to popular belief, moms love to know what dads have to say, too!). If it interests you it will probably hit home with our readers too.
  • General topics – We cover a lot of ground here! Peruse the site and if you feel like you can contribute to any of our ongoing conversations and/or topics then feel free to submit in those categories too. Well-written writing that is catchy and connects with readers is the true key.
  • Suggestions – Restaurants, local or trending fashion and beauty, travel, lifestyle, home, garden, humidity!

You should avoid excessive profanity and that which may be deemed vulgar, overtly political posts (though op-eds on certain issues may be appropriate to the site), and obviously anything slanderous and/or derogatory.

Write unique content that you have not published elsewhere (this will hurt your SEO).

Articles should be around 300-1500 words. Please include a 100 word or less bio and a photo (if desired).

Headings and limited editing will be added/ adjusted as needed.

Images are not necessary for certain posts but essential for review type posts. Please only send photos free of copyright (yours). The photos should be high quality and between 600 and 1200 pixels wide. We will select which photo(s) work best and reserve the right to use stock photos.

Articles must be unique and written for, never been published anywhere on the Internet, and will not be published elsewhere (you are encouraged to link to them and highlight them via social media etc.)

By submitting your content to Greater Houston Moms you are giving permission for Greater Houston Moms to reproduce, distribute, and edit any content published on and any of our social sites.

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Submission does not guarantee publication. Though, if it is reviewed and found to fit in well with GHM, it will likely be published.

Submitted content will be posted between 1 day and 6 months after submission.

Greater Houston Moms does not offer monetary compensation for posts or submissions.

If you are a paid marketer or a promoter in any capacity please contact us for our complete media kit.