Heavenly Beverages is my Tweens Favorite Café

Heavenly Beverages is a café nestled in a shopping strip lining the parking lot of a Home Depot. We drive past it a lot. It only took five years for us to go inside. In hindsight, this probably saved me a lot of money.

Bubble tea, you say? How have you not already known about this? In all fairness I did. I just judged that book by its cover and said chewy tea, no thank you.

But, I was wrong!

So, tapioca balls (the chewy part of the tea) are strangely addictive. And, I do not know if they are all the same but Heavenly’s might be the best.

Seems, right.

Since visiting Heavenly and enjoying their bubble tea (the classic Heavenly Cream Tea is our favorite) we have tried a few others. It seems a theme at these tea cafés that many have a casual inviting space and provide a case of games or are happy for you to bring your own.

Heavenly has upped the game and has an original Nintendo and a Super Nintendo with classic games. The even have the Duck Tales games that came out in 1989. It is the only Nintendo game I ever beat. Really holds a soft spot in my heart.

My kids not only love Heavenly Beverages, their teas, snowies (smoothies), and their always sweet employees but they love the food.

The menu is not large but it is all excellent and affordable. They love the potstickers and their grilled cheese sandwiches. The grilled cheeses are on a sub bun and the buttery cheesey goodness is top notch!

I hesitate to tell everyone about their awesomeness because we like having the place to ourselves. But, if you want to check them out, Heavenly Beverages is located at 21542 Tomball Parkway, Houston, TX 77070.

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