Shop Local

Shop Local

Houston is obviously large enough to support all the major chains, but if you are looking for something more personal, something with a bit of Houston flair, then check out our list of local shops. When you shop local your impact is much greater than shipping in from Amazon (I love Amazon too, but it’s okay to see the sunshine and spread the shopping love).

Remember when you shop local you are supporting the community – your money stays here and gets passed on to things like ballet lessons and dinner!? You also help the community by creating jobs, which in turn sends that cash back into our local economy. Owners are significantly more invested in the betterment of our community and more likely to source goods from local artisans. Also, these are the people who sponsor your kid’s little league team and actually care about them.

Beyond the economic impact, you will also find carefully curated items as well as handmade and artisan quality gifts, clothes, and home goods that are integral to the local character. Customer service is also usually much better because the local shop owner has more to lose than the random clerk working for a large corporate store. You will be able to talk to the actual person in charge of purchasing so you will know exactly where your goods are coming from and how they were made.

As they say, when in Rome!? So, when in Houston, shop local! If you want your dollar to impact a shopkeeper’s life and in turn yours, then shop local at some of our amazing Houston owned businesses.

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