It is time for back to school, Houston! This time can be some of the most exciting and stressful times of the year. Especially these days when every day at school is not guaranteed – will we stay in person? Will virtual rear its ugly head? Who is ready to skip back to school and start homeschooling?! Kids have a lot to look forward to. They get to see friends again, maybe start at a new and unknown place, and (not to mention) new clothes, and shoes, and binders – oh, my! However, from the parents’ side, it is the “return of the routine.” RunningRead More →

College Essentials

The list of college essentials student need is long and prolific and, usually, quite repetitive. If they are in a dorm you need XL Twin sheets, a shower caddy, and earplugs (in case you end up with a roommate with an aggressive snoring problem.) Once you get past the basics there are few other items that make up the recipe for college success. The types of things that will help are those that reduce frustrations by anticipating. Likewise, they will, overall, make off-to-school, an experience of excitement, unknown, and expectation, one of smooth sailing and fun! A “Go Anywhere” Blanket A security blanket of sortsRead More →