They’re Always Watching

I pull out a package of Pull-ups that is taking up space in the dresser. My new plan for my few spare drawers are for my little bear’s clothes (since he is now in the habit of wearing multiple outfits a day, usually pajama chic – that’s what’s low-hanging in the closet).  I imagine that hiding his clothes in my dresser will probably diminish my chances of rehanging and refolding half-worn outfits.  As I do this, Little Bear is happily taking all the leftover Pull-ups out of the bag and throwing them around my room (adorable).

The new plan is in action.  The clothes are stashed.

And, who should appear but my little one.  Wearing a brand new outfit, fresh from the secret drawer!

(palm to face)

Apparently, multitasking is just one of his many talents…along with mayhem and destruction.  I guess he did notice where I put all of his clothes.


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