Feminists need not read…


The eldest is in the playroom trying to get the youngest to clean up the mess (made by youngest) so we can go to a friend’s house. Clearly,  the wee one is playing. Eldest tells him, “You need to work!  What do you think Daddy does every day?”

My pride starts.  Then…

“We’re boys, not girls.  Boys work. If you don’t work you’re a girl. ”

Clearly not getting the results he wants, he continues, “Okay,  I guess you’re a girl.”

I do believe Eldest has forgotten his audience.  He is speaking to the little boy who, a mere 24 hours prior, picked out a lovely black long-sleeved number with some sparkling rhinestones and glitter in the shape of a heart. Then, he proceeded to wear it around the store for 20 minutes until he found five other shirts he also needed to try on.

Does this count as you win some you lose some?

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  1. It makes me proud when you realize all the time and effort spent training them pays off…….I’ll work on the clothing thing

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