The Enlightened Eater

Today our homemade breakfast consisted of scrambled eggs with cheese and bananas. In an attempt to help my eldest on his journey to fresh fruit I made mini banana’s foster.  Basically, everything except the rum and ice cream – because we like to keep it healthy. After downing the entire glass of chocolate milk, he begged for a glass of water so that he could attempt to eat one single slice of banana – you know in case he puked from it. And, thus, our battle of wills began. So far on our journey, he has lost television for the entire day. And since he did manage to choke down that one horrible piece I offered him any other fruit or vegetable of his choosing. Alas, he sits. Eggs uneaten, fruit unchosen.

His much younger brother, however, has already eaten all of his Banana’s Foster,  a real banana, his brother’s Banana’s Foster, and then requested strawberries (since he ate all of his food – which is weird because we don’t reward them for eating all of their food).

The standoff continues…

Currently, he somehow thinks things will get better if he has his little brother bring his weapons to the table. Unfortunately, he does not have a large enough background in history to understand how this will end.


RyanMcGuire / Pixabay



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  1. Apparently, I still have much to him, like bring your weapons, but don’t show them, Vaseline on the toilet seat, so many things, so little time…..

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