That’s Irony, Facebook!

So, yesterday I saw this cartoon on Facebook.  I could explain it to you, but here it is (this isn’t the actual cartoon on Facebook, that one had the copyright removed – because, you know, that makes it legal, like me putting it here):



Anyway, I thought, “Funny, ha, ha.” Like.  Then I moved on in life.

Today, I log on and see it again but with a matching tube top added because “it doesn’t follow the Facebook Community Standards”:


mwt3 mwt











Sometimes, the stupid in this world really gets to me!

Completely, unrelated but fabulous, in my efforts to give credit where credit is due I went to Moms Who Think’s website to grab their link and low and behold, it’s bonus day, people!  She has a lot of recipes on there but her cover for Low Carb recipes is the best:

Bwahahahahaha! How low carb should be!


Freaking hilarious!

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