Who Needs Teddy Bear Counters When You Have an Army!

After counting to 20 and starting skip counting I wasn’t really sure where to go with Kindergarten Math.  I have a curriculum but it starts in First Grade.  So, I totally ripped off Saxon Math K. By which I should clarify to mean:  I used their table of contents to guide where to take my math curriculum.  I feel between my brain and Pinterest my little guy should be ready for Harvard first grade next year.  I was a little stumped with Teddy Bear counters.  It seemed a little past where we are and also one more piece of plastic (or hundreds of pieces) to buy.  Voila! Eureka!  We already have hundreds of small colored pieces of plastic.  Hence, now we have Army Man Counters.  True, there are cowboys, Indians (are we supposed to call them Native Americans? It just doesn’t sound right in this context), policemen, firemen, Pirates, hunters, and probably some other sundry men, but they all work for my catchall army.

Today we did patterns and colors.

I made three patterns (an AB, AABB, and ABC) and left some guys out.  Then I made a color key that corresponded with the numbers on a dice.  We used chance, luck, and a literal roll of the die to fill in the missing guys.

Yup, yup, this is how we roll…today.


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