Book Look: Vengeance in Death, by J.D. Robb

Should you Read it?: Yes

J.D. Robb Doesn’t Disappoint

Vengeance in Death, by J.D. Robb, is the sixth in the series. Like its predecessors it is a well written murder mystery. Detective Eve Dallas has to solve who is killing her husband’s old acquaintances by engaging in the murderer’s sick game of riddles.

It delves into more of Roarke’s shady back story and the less-than-law-abiding past that helped to mold him into the billionaire entrepreneur that has our heroine’s heart. Robb stays true to the adult tone and graphic imagery that gives this future-set police drama complete believability in procedure as well as into the interactions of a marriage being tested.

This outing is particularly focused on Roarke’s long-time confidant, Summerset, as he is framed for the murders at hand, which leads to some interesting dialogue between he and Dallas, as neither is particularly enamored with the other.

Also, some new settings and characters are well introduced. The investigation leads them to hop across the pond to Roarke’s homeland of Ireland for a few days.? And, the high-tech nature of the crimes allows for the introduction of a younger E-Detective, McNab, while Feeney is on a much needed vacation (recovering from the last book’s exploits).

For an ongoing series that, in only six books published in the span of two years and has only moved forward one year from the time Dallas and Roarke met in the first book, Robb has kept the writing tight and imaginative.

Definitely, keep going with the series!

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