What to do with a 10 hour drive…reread Vampire fiction from your youth!

I am bringing home a ton of things from my mom’s house. (I kept a ridiculous amount of ribbons from sports events and field days – apparently, I was quite the “Tramp Master!” (Pretty sure it was for my prowess on the trampoline, but you never know…) I found my  YA stash and when I saw these I knew what I would be doing on the ride home!

I have been watching The Vampire Diaries as my guilty little high school throw back pleasure – mostly because I read the books, in my formative years.  I know the show has deviated significantly from the books so it will be good to get a little refresher.  I remembered that there were 3 books but I forgot about the fourth so I was a little bummed to realize that I don’t have the first one (I must have lent it out a million years ago).  I pretty sure I have the storyline down well enough to skip straight to book two.  I’m amazing like that.

UPDATE: Skipping to book two was just fine and I am happy to say that there was a lot they did in the show that was actually inspired by the books. In fact, I completely forgot about the Klaus character even being in the books!  And, wow I’m old. Now that I went to check them out on Amazon L.J. Smith has been busy!  There is a whole other trilogy by the author and then more by ghost-writers (apparently, they fired the original author – who knew publishers could even do that?!).


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