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Paper Dissection Models for Life Science and Biology Ideas and Options

Disclaimer: I don’t know Getting Nerdy. They’re not paying me. I just think it looks cool – and, I’m cheap!

Paper Dissection Models

I ran across these 3-D Paper Dissection Models at Getting Nerdy and thought they looked really good. If you’re not going to use a real one then these would be a great option. Unless you are moving into the upper sciences I don’t see why accurate paper models wouldn’t work and may be preferable. For starters, unless you, as the teacher, have a Biology background it’s probably been a while since you did a dissection on something real and identifying those parts may not be as easy as you think. Next, it will really give you a great intro to knowing what parts you are looking for, their appropriate names, accurate locations, and the clean up and smell are going to be a lot easier. These start at $11.95 each or can be purchased as a Vertebrate or Invertebrate bundle. Currently, available are a Sponge, Clam, Seastar, Crayfish, Frog, Earthworm, Eye, Squid, Grasshopper, Perch, Snake, Rat, Shark, Cat, Bird, and Fetal Pig.

Since I am cheap and hate paying for things it does seem pertinent to see what else is out there because while these seem like a reasonable buy I am not exactly well versed in the costs of dissection kits.

Other Dissection Options (some do have affiliate links, some I just found for your enjoyment):

So, lot’s of options! I really like the first ones as a more in-depth option over the Uncover Books, perhaps when we loop back around to Biology.

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