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Little City Kids: Homeschooling Your Preschooler

Update #2: In the spirit of loving history, kids and adventure we are organizing a world discovery-based comprehensive preschool curriculum called Civentures.

Update #1:  Since posting this information it seems that Little City Kids has become defunct. I have tried reaching out to any contacts I could find to see about making the curriculum available but I have not received a response. 

Since this is a pre-school curriculum it should be said that an official curriculum is not really necessary.  As long as you are reading, playing, and giving them different ways to experience and interact with the world you are doing what they need. So, you could use the perspective as an outline to Pinterest 52-weeks of activities and topics just as easily!

Original Post Information:

So, this looks pretty awesome!

Little City Kids is a preschool and they had an open 52-week curriculum, which they call their Perspective.

It is not designed for homeschoolers, but can easily be adapted for it with a little planning (seriously, little – like read it over the weekend to see if you need to get any supplies for the week).  Plus, since it is designed for a school setting there is more on each day’s plan than a home learner would want or need.  Meaning, you could easily cherry pick what you want to actually do at home or skip things you do not have the supplies for and/ or do not want to buy or Pinterest.

Each week has a designated theme and a plan for each day.  The daily plans include discussions, cooking, crafts, art, movement, outdoors, yoga, and many activities that fall under the category of “explorations.”

It is really well organized and easy to follow. Plus, it goes beyond the basic topics normally presented to young children (meaning it may be interesting for you too!).  I was going to just tell you a couple of their topics but there are too many good ones so here’s the full 52-week perspective:

  • Week 1: Dinosaurs
  • Week 2: Ice Age
  • Week 3: Stone Age
  • Week 4: Origins of Agriculture
  • Week 5: Ancient Egypt
  • Week 6: Minoan Civilization
  • Week 7: The Mycenaeans
  • Week 8: It’s All Greek to Me
  • Week 9: The Birth of Science
  • Week 10: Ancient China
  • Week 11: Middle East
  • Week 12: India, Land of Magic
  • Week 13: Thanksgiving, and Giving Thanks
  • Week 14: Japan, Land of the Rising Sun
  • Week 15: Israel & Judaism
  • Week 16: When in Rome…
  • Week 17: Christmas Traditions
  • Week 18: New Years Celebrations.
  • Week 19: Africa & Kwanza
  • Week 20: Into the Arctic
  • Week 21: Ireland: Celtic Fairies, Myths & Legends
  • Week 22: Antarctica
  • Week 23: The Vikings
  • Week 24: Germanic Castles
  • Week 25: Italy, Birthplace of the Renaissance
  • Week 26: Spain Discovers Nautical Power
  • Week 27: France and the Late Renaissance
  • Week 28: Holland, the Enlightenment
  • Week 29: Medieval England
  • Week 30: Discovering the Americas
  • Week 31: Native American Discoveries
  • Week 32: Czarist Russia
  • Week 33: Colonial Times
  • Week 34: Heading West
  • Week 35: The Industrial Revolution
  • Week 36: Inventions and Discoveries
  • Week 37: Money Past and Present
  • Week 38: Ideas Taking Shape
  • Week 39: Outback Adventure
  • Week 40: The World at Odds
  • Week 41: A Worldly Affair
  • Week 42: All The Rage
  • Week 43: Space and Freedom…
  • Week 44: Getting Connected
  • Week 45: Into Space
  • Week 46: Living on Another Planet
  • Week 47: Operation: Save the Earth
  • Week 48: An Animal’s Planet
  • Week 49: When I Grow Up…
  • Week 50: Time Capsule
  • Week 51: A Sleeping Dragon Awakes
  • Week 52: A Small, Small World

I know, right? Awesome!

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  1. Any chance you downloaded this stuff? Their website has gone dead (as of a couple weeks ago) and I was hoping to use this curriculum!!

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