Easy Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Tick Tock! Easy DIY Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

I’m not going to dress up. I say every year.

But. Without fail. There is a reason.

Sometimes it’s an adorable child with those big doe-eyes asking, “You dress up too, Mommy?” Sometimes, it’s a Halloween party that you only found out about the day-of because the host errantly gave the invitation to your husband, who discarded it on the clutter-counter and never informed you until the morning of he asks, “Are we going to that party tonight?”

Say, what?!?

Whatever the case it happens on occasion you must pull a costume out of thin air.

Here’s some help. Most of these can be put together with things you may already own, can borrow, would make a nice addition to the wardrobe, or have easy access to (also check out our DIY Costumes for Kids, DIY Costumes for Her, and some places to go this Fall:

Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

Creative Makeup

It’s fair to say if you have a decent makeup kit, a tutorial or two, a steady hand (or an artistic friend), and an all-black ensemble you can take care of this easy peasy.

Supplies: Makeup Kit, Foral headband, black or white ensemble

Clark Kent/ Super Man/ Super Girl

This one is great for a man or woman and you might have everything you need: Tailored White button-down shirt, Superman T-Shirt, Black-rimmed glasses, Suspenders, Black pencil skirt, Black Pumps (or some red Chucks, if it’s going to be a long night).

Super Girl


Everyone’s favorite advice-doling neighbor is super easy. You need a nice sun hat, some plaid, and jumbo craft sticks & glue (probably somewhere in that craft stash…).

last minute halloween costume wilson

Queen of Hearts

And, you thought you’d never wear that bridesmaid’s dress again?! If you have a fancy red dress and a deck of cards you can make this happen. But, to go all in you should also add fabulous shoes, a tiny crown, some heart bling, and a bold red lip!

Check out the full tutorial at The Joy of Fashion.

Queen of Hearts Costume


So, the colors may not be something you have readily available in your closet but maybe your mom does. Hopefully, in the back of a closet. Don’t forget the pigtails!

You’ll need: An oversized pink sweatshirt, purple leggings, and some white tennies. Bonus points for the double-ball ponytail holders.

Check out some other quickie ideas for Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costumes:

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