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15+ of the Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2024

Families approach holidays as uniquely as they are. Father’s Day is no exception – some families will go all out, some will barely acknowledge it as a different day of the week. Where ever you fall on the spectrum, it is always nice to be nice.

Sometimes, holidays simply serve as a reminder to acknowledge how you already feel. Life can get busy so having a dedicated day to serve as a reminder to show appreciation for the big guy in your life is always a good idea. Gift giving always shows more about the giver than the receiver and that is why gifts should be given thoughtfully. We have hunted down and waded through the masses to come up with a great list of ideas for the man in your life.

As long as you are thinking of him you can’t go wrong!

Anyone who tells you fatherhood is the greatest thing that can happen to you, they are understating it.

Mike Myers

Father’s Day Gift Guide

Smiling African American male in casual sweatshirt touching screen of modern smart watch while standing against pink background


Depending on your preferred vendor you may want to go Apple, but we love this Samsung Watch 6. It has classic styling but still can act as your activity tracker. Plus, it does all the other fun things like answer calls, be used as a payment portal, and GPS.


Well reviewed, this GCI Outdoor rocker has a cup holder and folds flat. This definitely will up your tailgating and soccer practice game.


Now you can have craft beer on tap for up to two weeks. GrowlerWerks will be great for the craft beer connoisseur or a party. Plus this growler is vacuum insulated stainless steel to keep the cold in and has a really fun steampunk look to it!

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I have yet to meet a man who wasn’t more concerned about the cleanliness of his car than the cleanliness of his children. There are several different unlimited carwash options that are comparably priced, but currently, around Houston Mister Carwash has the most locations. They each have no contracts or commitments, it is just a month to month.


Bluetooth speakers have become essential to camping, tailgating, beach days, anywhere you’re heading out but they are not all created equal. This one has great sound, is a compact portable size ,and has great masculine styling.


This is Texas who doesn’t have a half gallon of Bluebell on reserve? This scooper by Midnight Scoop is supposed to slice through it directly from the freezer. Who wants to wait for ice cream?!


A little fun and exercise. Got a guy who used to skateboard but really probably shouldn’t take that up again? This Whirly Board would be a fun alternative. Plus it sounds pretty challenging it might just help tone up that dad-bod! 🙂


Here is a great way to get personal. By now you may have culled all of the skanky college shirts but it may be time for a new throwback. What is he into? A favorite movie or place. Honor it with a comfy graphic tee. See you were listening!


When we went to London way back before kids one of the things we returned with (and got stuck in customs with) was a badger brush for shaving. My husband still has it. Quality lasts. Consider reserving him a seat in a high-end barber chair for the full hot shave experience or stocking up on his own badger brush and shave cream with great lather.

Houston has some well-reviewed locally owned barber-shops, check out places like Cutthroat orThe Argyle League.

A Young Man Reading a Book while Sitting on the Floor


We love books as a gift because they can be personalized to the giftee with precision!

Need some suggestions? Check out our Father’s Day Book List.

Bourbon in a Glass


If your love is a bourbon drinker you might consider trying to pick up a limited run bourbon or an allocated bottle. These are hard to nab so start popping into stores here an there about a month in advance. At our local liquor franchise, Spec’s, the allocated bottles are kept right up front on the counter – usually, first come, first serve. Just ask – I promise you will not be the only person who does. Other stores may keep it in the back. Beware of smaller stores, they know what they have and often increase prices by a lot over market. Though do expect to spend anywhere from $65-$200, depending on the bottle.

Some key words: Aged (most decent bourbons are at least 7 years old), Bottled-in-Bond (adheres to many regulations), Cask Strength/ Barrel Proof (undiluted, straight from the cask).

A nice drinkable, always on the shelf option, is Old Forester 1910 or 1920. If all this is a bit much, consider some nice drinkware (like personalized glencarins), a travel case, or supplies to make a favorite cocktail.


This little lamp is cute and maybe he’ll adore it, but he’ll adore it more if it is switched on. Maybe for you, it isn’t the light, maybe you haven’t dug out that pair of lacey something he gave you five years ago. I guarantee he doesn’t care where it bunches up. Again, it is about being in the moment and having energy and attention. So, push the lists away, turn on some music, and…

13. Bathing Suit

It’s the right time of year so, why not?  No one wants to see dad hanging out (maybe literally) in a faded, stretched out suit from before you were born. Plus it’s a great gift no matter your time constraints or budget.  Maybe pair it with some time together. Throw a bbq or pool day.

14. WeatherTech

If you don’t know what WeatherTech is your husband must not have bought you floor mats for Christmas (yes, really).  Alas, they’re great, especially if you are one of those families with children or pets. Prices vary based on your vehicle’s make and model and if you aren’t ready to go all in, the cargo liner is a lifesaver.

15. Survival Kit Paracord Grenade

The Survival Kit Paracord Grenade just has a cool factor. And, it is really useful!

16. Drive a Tank or Fly a Plane

These are budget busters but, hey, it’s a tank!

Drivetanks.com will even let you live fire while driving your tank and you can add on crushing a car. This one is located in Uvalde, TX – about five hours from Houston.

To stay local or take a flight check out our previous post Way Up in the Sky! B-17 Rides! These fly out of Hooks Airport in Northwest Houston and Conroe, just north of The Woodlands.  

17. DIY

Father’s Day is a great opportunity for DIY-ing a little heartfelt gift. Check out our Pinterest board CELEBRATE: Father’s Day for options for young and old!

Still need more ideas? Check these out!

Happy Father’s Day!

Father’s Day Gift Guide

2018 Father's Day Gift Guide

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