Houston June Garden Care

Time to take care of that June garden!

Summer is in full force. It is already ridiculously hot. Hopefully, you were able to stay on top of weeds and watering before the heat came. It will certainly help to minimize the amount of time you will need to be out melting.

By now flowers are blooming and that yard should be looking thick and green. Though maybe it has some brown patches? Aack!? Well, let’s get to work those gardens won’t take care of themselves.

June Garden Care Checklist:

  • Weed as needed
  • Check plants and lawn regularly for problems like fungus or insect damage.  If you can catch it early it will be easier and cheaper to treat.
  • Water, water, water.  Your plants need it your house needs it.  Yep, those flower beds around houses are not just pretty but they help to retain moisture around your foundation which will prevent cracks.
    • In particular, keep an eye on potted and hanging plants.
  • Hurricane prep – trim back tree limbs that could pose a danger during a hurricane.

Lawn care:

  • Your mower blades should be set to three inches and mow as needed.
  • Do not bag your clippings. They decompose quickly and are great nutrition for the soil.
  • Continue your fertilizing schedule you began March through May, 1 lb. per 1,000 square feet of lawn or 1 1/2 lb. of slow release nitrogen.
  • Add an iron fertilizer throughout the growing season to reduce yellowing.
  • Continue watering, ideally early in the day, between 5-9 a.m.
  • Apply a pre-emergent as needed to control weeds (remember, these only work on weeds that have not flowered yet)
  • The two biggest pest dangers to your lawn are Chinch Bugs and Grubs.  Check out the links from the Agrilife Extension if you suspect these are damaging your lawn

Care of Common Houston-Area Plants:

  • Dead-head and remove spent blooms to promote more flowering.
  • Brugmansia (a.k.a. “Angel’s Trumpet”)
    • Feed plants every two weeks during the growing season with a 17-17-17 fertilizer, alternated with a fertilizer for blooming plants (high middle number (phosphorus). These are very hungry plants!
  • Gardenias
    • Use a 30-10-10 fertilizer every 4 weeks of the growing season.
  • Mandarin Trees and other Citrus
    • Water if the soil dries out, water should penetrate an inch or so down
    • Fertilize monthly from February to October if your plant is less than two years old, remove suckers as needed.
  • Roses
    • Deadhead as needed throughout the season to encourage new blooms.
  • Edible Garden
    • Harvest your produce as it ripens
      • Beat the birds to your hard work! Provide a birdbath nearby as it may dissuade them from seeking moisture from your ripe tomatoes.
    • Some vegetables can still be planted. In the heat of this time of year, transplants will be more successful than directly sown seeds. Tryout: Beans, Cabbage, Corn, Cucumber, Onions, Peppers, Squash, and Tomatoes.

All right, now it’s time to head outside and get to work!

Houston June Garden Care

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