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Hedwig Park

Made in the shade, Hedwig Park!

Hedwig is a great park for a full on park day or just a quick kill-twenty-minutes stop.  The park is shaded, so for summer’s it is great (also having the air conditioned library next door to escape to is nice), and since we have more summer than any other season this is important.  It has multiple play structures and swings appropriate to all age groups, covered picnic tables with electricity, and a large area.


The location is prime. It is off of I-10 West & Campbell (on the South side) and tucked just far enough off the Highway so you don’t feel like you are at a park next to a major highway.  It’s also next to  Spring Branch Memorial Library (HCPL), which is great if you want to multi-task.

The physical address is: 930 Corbindale Rd, Houston, TX 77024



Parking can be simple if they park is not busy.  There are street spots that require parallel parking.  If there are a lot of people then your next option is the library.  Now the library has towing signs but I did ask a librarian and it didn’t seem likely towing would be enforced.  However, if you are going to make it a two-for kind of day with stops at both the park and library you should be fine.  If you are going to be more park than library you may want to consider parking in the back to leave the front spots open for library-only patrons.  If you do choose to park in the back you will have easy access to a paved walking trail that runs between the library and the park.

Know Before You Go

  • After a good rain, a shady park can be a mosquito haven so don’t forget the bug spray in those conditions.
  • The park does have water fountains but it does not have bathrooms, however, the library next door has them located right off the lobby.
  • There is a large swathe of open area to the back left if you want to bring balls or play games that require a large area.
  • The majority of the park is fenced.  There are some gates, but they are typically locked.  The only normal opening is the entrances to the park.

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