Book Lovers, Internet Scrollers, Library Aficionados, Welcome!

We love reading and you! So, come hang with us!

Each season we suggest a list of books – ‘cuz sometimes this Mama is too busy for one a month and some months I can throw down with the books like a retired person! The Quarterly Book List will include several options from categories like:

  • The New
  • The Read-It-Before-You-Watch-It
  • The Page-Turner
  • The Non-Fiction
  • The Classic
  • The Current Vibe, and/ or
  • The Series.

We also have some suggestions for the kids in your life. Typically, we pick one Young Adult, one Read Aloud, and several quality picture books.

Periodically, we throw in a few other fun picks. And, each week we share interesting from around the web.

If you want some interaction come join our GHM Book Club Facebook Group for little more community and discussion! See you there!

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