Flag Tree Park

Flag Tree Park: The Most Literally Named Park in Houston (and it’s neighbor Carol Tree Park)

Bridgeland Treehouse Park

Look! There’s a flag AND a tree!

Flag Tree Park (you’ll have to excuse me the snark is high with this one) is a Precinct 3 project brought to you for the enjoyment of not looking at a street corner. In all fairness, it is a pocket park. Meaning, it was leftover land that they prettied up.

There is literally a flag and a tree (or two) at the northeast corner of San Felipe and Memorial Drives. There is no parking lot. If you really want to see the flag and tree in person you’ll need to find a side street on which to park and take a short walk.

According to a Yelp reviewer, Mark M., this park actually has some historical significance for Houston, “Around Christmas 1941, just a few weeks after the attack on Pearl Harbor propelled us into World War II, area residents gathered at this spot to pray for our country, and decorated a tree and raised the American flag. The tradition continued for some years after, and local residents maintained the site until it was taken over by the county. Now, sadly, the tradition and history behind it have long been forgotten by most people…” Unfortunately, I could not find anything to corroborate this. Maybe a plaque, Precinct 3?

Flag Tree Park
I marked them so you wouldn’t miss the Flag and Tree.

Carol, You Want a Park Named After You?

If you are already out of the car you might as well walk up the block and check out Carol Tree Pocket Park. The good news here is that there is slightly more than a tree at Carol Tree Park. There is a granite trail, some benches, a trashcan, and a flower bed. So, depending on the time of year you might get to see flowers and a tree. Huzzah!

I’m sorry, I don’t know who Carol is, hopefully, there is some significance to the name but again nothing from the Almighty Google.

In a Nutshell

The long and short of it is if you are visiting a friend for dinner in the area and you need an evening constitutional you may meander down to these parks. If not. There is really no reason to get out of the car. Check out the trees from your window. They are swell and significantly better than more concrete.


The physical addresses are:

Flag Tree Pocket Park: 8450 San Felipe St, Houston, TX 77024

Carol Tree Pocket Park: 11600 Memorial Dr, Houston, TX 77024

Know Before You Go

  • These are pocket parks – there are no facilities or parking.
  • If you are going here do not tell your kids you are going to a “park” they won’t believe you when you arrive.

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