Luckey Climber Baybrook Mall TX

Feelin’ Luckey at Baybrook Mall!

Are You Feelin’ Luckey?!

Last week Baybrook Mall became the third Houston area location to install a Luckey Climber.  They invited us out to check out its new digs and it is awesome! Not only did the mall install the Luckey Climber but they kid-scaped an entire play area just for little ones who may be in need of a shopping break.

The day was beautiful but hot (but it is summer in Houston, so…).  The mall staff put on a great opening with some fun swag bags, a DJ, face painting, and a balloon artist.  When we arrived the line was already quite long and my kids were absolutely enthralled when they saw the pièce de résistance, the Luckey Climber.

Luckey Climber Baybrook Mall TX

Luckey Climber Baybrook Mall TX

If you have been to the Children’s Museum of Houston you have already laid eyes on a Luckey Climber. It is the 40 foot Power Tower in the middle of the PowerPlay exhibit. River Pointe Church in Richmond also recently installed one.  Though not Luckey’s exclusive design each displays the trademark curved-disc shape platforms.

Childrens Museum Houston Luckey Climber
Luckey Climber (a.k.a. Power Tower) at the Children’s Museum of Houston

Safety First

Luckey Climbers have an impeccable safety record and no drop is more than 18 inches.  Further, the way they are designed it is impossible for a fall to cascade a child down from platform to platform.

This climber is different from the one at the museum in that the only entrance and exits are on the first level and near enough to be monitored.  The one at the museum has multiple points of entry and egress which is a nightmare with for a Mom with more than one kid or if you have a stroller and you need to get up to wherever your child just climbed off to!

The Whole Kid Scape

Baybrook Mall centrally located the climber where the open air shopping meets the indoor mall.  The plaza also includes an astroturf lawn with musical “instruments” to play and plenty of comfy shaded seating for parents.

A View From the Top

Even though the platforms are no more than a foot and a half apart it may be a bit tight for a full grown adult to wiggle around.  Want to see what they see? Check out the pics below, the embedded videos will let you drag them around to have a 360 experience:

I thought I had not been to Baybrook Mall in a reeeeeally long time (it’s a bit of a hike from my house), but after attending I may not have ever been there! It has evolved into such a nice family space.  It would make a great stop to or from a Galveston or a Kemah trip. We will definitely be back!

Have fun exploring!

Luckey Climber Baybrook Mall TX

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