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Houston Celebrates Black History Month {The Best Family-Friendly Events}

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February is Black History Month. And, in a vibrant city like Houston, with a rich cultural tapestry, we love to celebrate. And, this is the perfect time to honor the rich legacy of our historic Black communities. Houston offers a multitude of ways to engage with and appreciate Black history and culture.

Tracing the Threads of History:

Houston’s Third Ward stands as a testament to the resilience and achievements of the city’s Black community. Founded in the late 19th century, the Third Ward was once home to freed slaves. Consequently, it became a center for Black entrepreneurship, education, and activism. Today, it is a thriving neighborhood with a rich cultural heritage, boasting historical landmarks like Emancipation Park, Houston’s oldest public park, and the Freedmen’s Town Historical District.

Museums and Exhibits Unveil Untold Stories:

The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (MFAH) sheds light on the artistic contributions of Black creatives with frequent exhibits and lectures. The Texas Institute for the Preservation of History and Culture (TIPHC) at Prairie View A&M University spotlights the history and achievements of Black Texans, while Project Row Houses, in Houston’s historic Third Ward, showcases art programs that focus on empowerment of community.

A Symphony of Sounds:

Houston’s vibrant music scene pulsates with the rhythms of Black musical traditions. From gospel choirs and jazz ensembles to hip-hop and R&B artists, the city’s music venues offer a platform for Black artists to express themselves and connect with audiences. The historic DeLuxe Theater, once a segregated venue for Black performers, now hosts diverse music acts. Meanwhile, Emancipation Park transforms into a stage for community events and musical performances.

Black Hisotry Month: A Commitment to Celebrating Historic Excellence

In Houston this month is not just a commemoration. It is a vibrant celebration of the past, present, and future of the city’s historic communities. By engaging with its rich history, appreciating its artistic expressions, and supporting its ongoing endeavors, Houstonians can honor the legacy of Black excellence and contribute to building a more inclusive and equitable future for all.

So, this February, and beyond, let’s explore Houston’s hidden gems, amplify Black voices, and celebrate the remarkable tapestry of Black history and culture that makes this city so special.

Black history month events in the Houston Area

Which are your family’s favorite Black History Month events?

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