Quarantine Week 3 – a.k.a How to Stay Sane This Week

Stay sane with the kids, family, dogs, and all the things shoved together under one roof? Yep, it is possible! Last week was our first “real” week at home. We shared some great resources on setting up your homeschool, free virtual classes and activities, and some fun ideas for nature studies.

This week is all about easing into your new rhythm. Schools have set up learning systems for the kids and hopefully, they are integrating well into your home life. You have probably been reminded of how adaptable kids are. They take to new routines pretty well – especially when it means more screen time!

Houston and the whole world are really bringing their virtual A-game! Below are some great activities you can participate in this week “locally” and abroad. Have a great week, Houston!

How is Homeschooling Going?

Hopefully, you are embracing this new opportunity to spend time with your kiddos as unexpected homeschoolers! We have a full post on how to stay sane while homeschooling through the corona quarantine – Homeschooling: How to be Happy, Productive, and Fun.

Virtual Classes & Activities

Art/ Crafts/ Drawing


  • Chef Massimo Bottura of Osteria Grancescana is hosting Kitchen Quarantine on Instagram TV – he usually airs at 8pm CST


Storytime & Books



We are taking the calendar one week at a time right now. Everything is so uncertain!
What are you doing/ tuning into this week in quarantine?

Have a great week!

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