We’re Just Beachy!

After the excitement from the previous days’ travels it was time to get down to business.  Dave headed into the office.

That afternoon we decided to head to the beach.  Herzliya Pituach, the city just north of Tel Aviv, where our apartment is located, is mostly a high end beach going area.  So, when in Rome….

For as much talk of modesty in this country most people on the beach do not abide.  Speedos and brazilian cut bikinis are in abundance.  We’ve also noticed a ton of pregnant women.  Maybe it’s just because their tummies stick out (no pun intended) at the beach.

The beach here is beautiful.  The water is clear and perfect.  The sun is a bit more harsh than at home but there are a couple of restaurants that put out umbrellas – which are perfect for shading our beer.

A nice low key day.

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  1. I’m so glad you had such a great day at the beach. I want to see y’all’s faces… I will be glad to babysit, sign me up. I know I’d be fascinated on Will’s take of this trip. I think (as smart as he is), that he will remember. His Mommy will make sure with photos and stories that he will remember.

  2. Just look at our baby…He walked where Jesus walked, ate where Jesus ate and swam where Jesus swam and will he be able to remember this when he is older? I hope so. May God Bless his precious little life! Amen…I say and Amen!

  3. I miss you (or at least talking to you almost daily) and Christine wants to know if you bought her a B-day present over there – maybe one of those beautiful people would be a nice gift.

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