Trip Report (Part 1.0) – And, we’re off…

Well, we got home from our wonderful vacation aboard the Carnival Conquest.  Will has now been to three foreign countries before his first birthday (such a little world traveler).  We had a super great time.  I am so glad we brought him along (as if there were really any discussion about it…but, people kept asking, so…).  There is no way I could have been away from my baby for a week, by choice, and had a good time.

He was very sweet and everyone on the boat loooooooooved him.  Especially a very pretty hostess named Slavica from Macedonia (she loved “Vill”).  All the people working on the boat really liked seeing the little ones since they’re away from home so much.

I’ll do the pics in lots of posts so commenting will be easier (hey, I aim to please). 


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