Wizarding World of Harry Potter - luggage unloaded from the Hogwarts Express
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We are packed and in the car. Three suitcases, two carry-ons and a car seat – oh, my!

Our packing tribulations were few:

  1. I hemmed a pair of pants. Unfortunately, I did the same leg twice…
  2. My backpack may be heavier than my checked bag.
  3. Dave has two checked bags. Will and I are sharing one.
  4. I’ve packed and unpacked the cough syrup 4 times. It’s in the carry-on.

  5. I finished reading my Israel book but did not get my docs ordered and scanned like I would have preferred. My spreadsheet? It’s a VERY loose outline. Not up to my OCD standards.

  6. I left 8 snails sitting in a cup of water on my kitchen counter. Don’t call PETA I have high hopes.

  7. I found a t-shirt that was comfy, flattering and $8! I bought 4. Keep an eye out in the vacation pics.

  8. I have high hopes about traveling for 17 hours with a three year old 🙂 thank goodness I’m not alone (remind me I said that in 11 days).

Almost to the airport. Or, as I like to call it, Phase 1.

The phone will be left behind but the computers and Internet should be accessible.

See you all in a bit…unless, you know, …Israel.

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