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Low Cost and Free Summer Camps for Houston Kids!

There are plenty of fantastic low-cost and free summer camps available to keep your kids cool this summer.

Summer vacation! It’s a time for kids to relax, explore new interests, and make memories that last a lifetime. But for parents, it can also mean scrambling to find childcare and activities to keep young minds and bodies engaged. No worries. We have a great summer camp guide as well as specialized guides (like this one) to find just what you are looking for – low-cost and free summer camps!

Finding the Perfect Low-Cost or Free Summer Camps:

No matter your budget, there’s a summer camp out there for your Houston kiddo! Here are some tips for finding the perfect program:

  • Consider your child’s interests: What are your child’s hobbies and passions? Look for camps that cater to their specific interests.
  • Think about location and schedule: Choose a camp that’s conveniently located and has hours that work with your family’s schedule.
  • Ask about scholarships and financial assistance: Many camps from our main list also offer financial aid to help offset the cost.
  • Register early: Popular camps tend to fill up quickly, so be sure to register your child early.

With a little planning, you can find a low-cost or free summer camp program that will keep your child happy, engaged, and making memories all summer long! Have a fun-filled summer!


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A quick note about Camps links: Many camps are announced later than we, as parents, would like to plan for them! All camps listed below currently or previously offered a session camp. If the page is not up to date you have a few options: check back later, visit the camp’s social media (often camps are announced there first), or just reach out and ask!

What is not on our list:

Aside from our list of camps, we did not include Vacation Bible Schools (VBS) camps. Mostly, becuase they are so numerous. They are also a really great option for free or very low-cost camps. So, consider looking into your local house of worship. Similarly, we know the term “low cost” can be subjective. So, for our list, “low cost” means less than $100 per week.


The best Houston summer camps for the scientifically inclined are found here – coding, animation, weird science, nature, animals, and more.


The best Houston summer camps for your athlete – soccer, cheer, gymnastics, tennis, and more.


The best Houston summer camps for your budding artists are found here – painting, pottery, music, theater, dance, and more.

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summer camp for Houston families?

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