OK! I'll Clean the Bathroom!

It was an overcast and dreary morning on the old tree-lined street.  Even the birds were still abed.  The dismal gray was pierced with the bark of a seal.  A very loud and annoying and unstopping bark.  However, this being a suburban neighborhood, the sleepy mother determined the circus a had not come to the cul-de-sac but instead her baby was a bit croupy.

The fever spikes had begun two days hence.  Of course, they were followed, in short order, by the runny faucet of a nose.  In fact, the observant mother had already determined her sweet child should remain home from school that day.  So, in an effort to maintain her lithe trim figure it was to be a Wii workout instead of the gym.  She donned the appropriate apparel and went to feed the fish and snail. (She is a responsible all-encompassing mother.)

Hark!  The snail had emerged from her shell!  A rare treat indeed.  The mother rushed to her child and brought him to the tank to behold the elusive sight.  What’s this? The sweet child’s fever was creeping back  up to levels akin to  radiators and small suns!  Off to the bathroom they went to administer the appropriate fever reducing concoctions.

No sooner did they cross the threshold, into said bathroom, than the eruption began.  The first spray cascaded over the mother’s shoulder.  She turned to aim the foul liquid toward the sink.  The white frothy coagulated sick spattered across the vanity.  It pooled and ran in chunky falls down the cabinetry.  There was a momentary silence before the child began to cry.  The mother held him frozen in her place as rivulets of the noxious substance ran down her spine and past her underwear band.  When everything seemed settled the shower came on and the clean up began.

Her first thought was only that, in the least, she could skip her workout without guilt.

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