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7 Reasons Zube Park is Worth the Drive

Gas up the car and head to Hockley – Zube Park to be specific. Okay, it’s not that dramatic. It’s only about five minutes past the Houston Premium Outlets, but you do pass a Buccee’s – does that make it a road trip?

In either case, this park complex is probably Hockley’s best kept secret and the whole family will love it!

1. Zube Park is Actually 3 Parks

When you plan to meet at Zube Park always verify with your group which one! While Zube Park and Zupe Spray Park are technically the same park you cannot walk from one to the other, yet – it is in the plans. The third part of the park is the free train that is run by HALS (Houston Area Live Steamers).

2. There’s a Free Splashpad

The newer side of the park is home to an expansive playscape and a free Splashpad. It is enclosed by a fence and the water turns on when you touch designated spots throughout the play area. My kids loved seeing if they could run away before the water started spraying!

zube spray park

3. There’s a Free Train!

HALS is a group dedicated to live-steam modeling. They have over 4700′ of track on which to share their trains and offer rides to the public. On the 3rd Saturday of each month (March through November), they offer their public run days for the community. The trains run between 9 am- 1 or 2 pm, check the schedule for specifics and arrive early to avoid long lines. There is a large pavilion available on a first come first served basis for parties and groups.

Zube Park HALS Train

4. It’s Fun to Say

Throughout this article, you may have been going back and forth about how to pronounce Zube. Does it rhyme with cube? No, it is pronounced “Zoo-bee!” ?The name comes from the Zube family. Carl “Charles” Friedrich Zube immigrated from the Kingdom of Prussia in the mid-1850s and purchased a 117-acre tract of land from the State of Texas in 1867. A portion of this tract makes up part of the 225 acres that Zube Park currently sits on.

5. You Can Workout

One of the open-air pavilions houses a full body weight “gym.” There are ellipticals, presses, really, a version of anything you could need to do a decent workout.

Zube Park Workout

6. You Can Party

The newer park has legit pavilions. There are two that can be reserved with huge BBQ grills, prep sinks, picnic tables, and electricity.

Zube Park Large Pavilion

7. Your Dog is Welcome

While public parks are subject to leash laws, the park water faucets were nicely fitted with attached dog bowls. There are plenty of asphalt trails to walk as well so this makes a nice destination for your fur-baby.

Zube Park Dog Bowl

A Few More Notes Before you Head to Zube Park


  • The physical addresses for the older park with the sports fields is 17400 Roberts Rd., Hockley, TX 77447
  • The physical address for the newer park with the splash pad is 17701-17783 Becker Rd., Hockley, TX 77447
  • The physical address for the trains is 17802 Pitcairn Rd., Hockley, TX 77447


Parking is easy. There are generously sized lots at each location

Know Before You Go

  • The parks are not yet connected in a way you can walk from one to the next, you will need to drive between them.
  • There are bathroom facilities available at each park.
  • The train lines can get long but the move pretty well.
  • Pets on leashes are allowed, but not on the play structures.

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Have a Great Time!

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