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Juergens Park

Tomball’s First Park

Juergens Park Long Pinterest ImagesThe city of Tomball’s first park was handed down from the Juergens Family.  Willie Juergens’ family immigrated to Galveston from Prussia in the 1860s. A decade later the family purchased 900 acres of prairie that today would be a large part of western Tomball.  At the age of 96, and with no children to inherit, Willie Juergens donated 8 acres of land to establish the first park in Tomball.  Less than a mile away is the site of the home he was born in and the 11-acre parcel he lived on until his death in 2007.

The park can easily be overlooked because if you are heading north on Ulrich Road you will come up on another park first.  Jerry Matheson Park (a.k.a. the tire park) is on the east side of Ulrich Road and Juergens is on the west side, its entrance is about 100 yards further north.

Juergens is a great park for families and events. It is completely handicap accessible. It boasts three playground areas for various ages and skills with some classic play features like a merry-go-round, teeter-totter, and geometric climbing dome.  Additionally, it features a lighted half-size basketball court, regulation sand volleyball court, numerous picnic areas with barbecue pits, maintained restrooms, a 1/2 mile walking track that loops the park, and a large lighted pavilion.

The pavilion is really big and can easily host a large crowd.  It is 60×100 feet has at least 40 picnic tables under the covered area that could seat 10 per table.  The pavilion can be reserved by contacting the Public Works Department at (281) 290-1400.  It also is home to 3 large barbecue pits and a prep/service area.  Water is nearby, but there is not a sink.


The physical address is: 1331 Ulrich Road, Tomball, TX 77375



Parking is easy. There is a 91-space lot.

Know Before You Go

  • The path around the park and to the restrooms and pavilion are paved so wheelchairs and strollers will have an easy time.
  • There are bathroom facilities available.
  • Pets on leashes are allowed, but not on the play structures.

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