05 | Houston Christian Homeschool Prom






The Met Church, HUB Ctr. |  12903 Jones Rd, Houston, TX 77070

Houston Christian Homeschool Prom DETAILS

From the organizer:

It’s important for Christian homeschoolers to have a place where they can celebrate their accomplishments for the school year while providing peace of mind to parents by knowing their loved ones are safe in a place they can trust.

Tickets include music, dancing, games, and access to state of the art digital photo booth.

Home-schooled student families are ELIGIBLE to purchase ticket(s) for their student(s) and for high school-aged guest(s). Non-homeschooled guests are able to attend with a homeschooled student. They must be registered with the eligible homeschool student. All eligible students must the following criteria: 

  • Be 14 years old and enrolled in at least the 9th grade of this school year
  • Be no older than 18 as of September 1st of this school year 
  • Be a homeschooled or university-model student 


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