What we’re upto now…

Well, we decided to drive to Kansas for SBW’s uncle’s graduation.  As a super swell change of pace, we decided to try to drive it overnight (the theory being that SBW would sleep the majority of the ten hours).  Yea, umm, that didn’t work.  He still “sang” to us for at least 5 out of 10 hours.

As you may imagine, he was not SBW on Wednesday.  He was Little Terror Will.  And, just because Jesus loves me (this I know), his wee molars decided to try to erupt a little more.  So, yes, every pic you see from our trip will either include a crusty snotty nose or know that it was photoshopped out.

Since, he was in such dire straits and had sooooo much snot and drool we took him to a clinic to make sure he didn’t have an ear infection.  It’s so hard to tell when he grabs his ears (since his little molars are back there).  Not to mention, the poor kid could barely eat since his nose was so stuffy.  Fortunately, some friends of Gran’s let us borrow a humidifier (which I credit with him being able to breathe all night – if only I could strap one to him! – DIBS, I’ll make millions!).  So, no ear infection and a nice clear chest, from a clinic that, of course, didn’t take our insurance (hopefully, it won’t be too bank-breaking since there were no labs etc.).  The good news is we do have official SBW stats.  He is now (at 11 mos.) 19lbs. and 01oz.

Anyhoo, we did try to raise up the end of the mattress by shoving some couch pillows under one end.  It might have helped but it was soooo uncomfortable.  As if sharing a full size bed with him and my other him was back breaking enough.  He seemed just fine the second night on a humidifier only. 

So, anyway, there will be photos – just not right now.  Sucks for you if you just kept reading this so that you could see some pics at the end.  You should be reading this because my written prose is so riveting. Are you riveted?  Good.  Like a nice pair of Levis.

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