What We’re Reading This Week

Great reads from around the web that made us stop scrolling, sit back, and enjoy a quick read.

blacka nd white photo of carousel horse behind chain link fence


Turner, council to consider smaller fines for juvenile curfew violations

Decriminalizing adolescence that would be cool.

Santa Elena Canyon Trail


Everything That’s in the Dingell Act

The crucial public lands legislation was just signed by President Trump. Here’s why you should care.


Listen to a Whole Dang Song About Topo Chico by Robert Ellis

Houston singer/songwriter Robert Ellis, on his new album, Texas Piano Man, writes the ode to Topo Chico you never knew you needed!


This mother’s description of her tween son’s brain is a must-read for all parents.

Puberty is amazing. Not only is a child’s body being transformed – their brains are being rewritten.


The Raphael Affair, by Iain Pears

A short novel that combines art and history, literature and mystery fiction. When a recovered Raphael is just as swiftly destroyed in a fire, its authenticity…and the innocence of every person in its path becomes suspect.

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