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Hawaii’s Forbidden Island | Making Middle School Better| Tigers in America| Small Bookstore Boom| Students Should Knit

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Ni’ihau: Hawaii’s ‘Forbidden Island’

You know you want to see it – here is a short cut to the Google Earth View.


Why Is Middle School So Hard for So Many People?

“…kids at this age place a greater premium on popularity than their younger counterparts; they also benefit immensely from stability….starting a new school in the sixth or seventh grade can undermine kids’ motivation and confidence”


The trouble with
tigers in America

Please do not take your kids to pet tiger cubs. Think about what has to happen for there to always be cubs available.

“…authorities now say there probably are more of the animals in
cages in the United States than in the wild across the world.”


Small bookstores are booming after nearly being wiped out

“… I’m not trying to compete with online retailers. I’m trying to compete on what I do best.”

Shop local Houston Bookstores


Why Do Waldorf Students Learn To Knit?

… it combines mathematics with artistry while engaging the hands purposefully.”

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