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Dear State of Texas an A-F grade in supporting public education

Your grade is an F, Texas. But I want to be transparent in my reasoning, Texas. And I promise not to change my standards every year without telling you in advance. Because that would not be fair or good for the state that I love. “



Two boys with the same disability tried to get help. The rich student got it quickly. The poor student did not.

Anyone who has dealt with special education departments knows the pain of bureaucracy.

“Even though it’s technically free, private placement is less accessible to low-income families because securing one often requires lawyers, expensive outside evaluations or other out-of-pocket costs…”


People Born Before 1989 Might Not Be Fully Vaccinated Against Measles

We live in the era of the hustle. Of following our dreams until the end, and then pushing ourselves more. And every time we feel beholden to capitalize on the rare places where our skills and our joy intersect, we underline the idea that financial gain is the ultimate pursuit.”


J.D. Salinger’s Unpublished Works Will Be Released to the Public Over the Next Decade

“Salinger not only stopped publishing his work post-1965, but also rejected reissues or e-book editions of his extant writings. And when unauthorized editions of his early work appeared on the market without his permission in 1974, the author [said,] “Some stories, my property, have been stolen. Someone’s appropriated them.””

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