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The Best Drug I’ve Ever Taken Wasn’t Even a Drug. It Was EMDR Therapy.

“Sounds were louder, lights were brighter, smells were more intense. All stimuli came in full bore.”


Do typefaces really matter?

To serif or not to serif?
That is the question.

“Selecting a font is like getting dressed,..Just as one chooses an outfit according to the occasion, one decides on a font according to the kind of message you are seeking to convey.”


Attention, Students: Put Your Laptops Away

“The students who were taking longhand notes in our studies were forced to be more selective — because you can’t write as fast as you can type. And that extra processing of the material that they were doing benefited them. “


He didn’t learn to read until 12. Then he graduated from an Ivy. Here’s his advice.

There’s a deeply held belief that these are deficiencies inside of a person — and for somebody with these deficiencies to be OK in the world, they’ve got to stop being different and fix their problem,” Mooney said. “But the reality is that these things are not deficiencies. They are differences.”

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