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The Drugging of the American Boy

By the time they reach high school, nearly 20 percent of all American boys will be diagnosed with ADHD. “

“… there was one important change made to the section on ADHD. The age at which a child can be diagnosed with ADHD was raised from seven to twelve.”

“…doctors should determine whether a patient’s symptoms are in line with the definition of ADHD …To do this accurately requires days or even weeks of work, including multiple interviews with the child and his parents and reports from teachers, plus significant observation. And yet …one third of pediatrician visits last less than ten minutes. “


Every woman has an ‘I Don’t’ list. And it’s about time we shared them.

“I realised that I’m part of The Problem. My life, from the outside, looks like I “do it all”. And from the inside, of course, it feels like I barely do anything.”


Nestlé Makes Billions Bottling Water It Pays Nearly Nothing For

The article linked above, from Bloomberg, offers a limited amount of free articles. If you’ve used yours up this article from The Guardian covers similar information.

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