‘The Rural Diaries’ by Hilarie Burton Morgan

The Rural Diaries: Love, Livestock, and Big Life Lessons Down on Mischief Farm, by Hilarie Burton


Hilarie Burton Morgan has penned the perfect love letter that every woman needs, ‘The Rural Diaries.’ She says it is to a town, to a man, and to a farm but that would be selling it short. As a mother and woman, it is a heart-string just for us.

You may remember, Hilarie Burton, from One Tree Hill or lately Hallmark Christmas. She recently married Jeffrey Dean Morgan and they share two children and numerous livestock. Even still, you may wonder what a 37 year-old could possibly have to say. Well, it turns out quite a lot.

Hers is a story of more than an actress turned farmer. It is that of a woman finding her path and her strength. Hilarie shares her agrarian triumphs as well as her tragically relatable story of infertility and being a young woman during a time when women were taught to go along and just be one of the guys. It is about finding strength in the vulnerability of needing others – a partner, a family, a home. About thriving with fierce independence cocooned in the support of your community. A community that you curate and build, become a part of and invest in.

Several things happened as I read, ‘The Rural Diaries.’ The first is that more than once I was brought to tears. By the halfway point my husband was more than a little concerned that I found so many affordable farms only an hour away. And, lastly, I developed a great appreciation for another woman and mom who is not just raising her kids, running a business and farm, not to mention donating time and money to people who need it, but being the kind of woman that other women need.

Women need to know that other women are having the same experiences. It builds our community. It makes us feel part of something and less that we are doing all these things alone. So, ‘The Rural Diaries’ is not just a book about an actress and a farm. It is a narrative about love, relationships, risk & reward, infertility, community, and that alpacas have the best poop for manure.

Visit the Morgans’ Rhinebeck

As you read, you will no-doubt fall in love with Rhinebeck, NY as though it were a living character. From the charming old stores to the annual Sinterklaas Festival you will want to stroll the streets and see the high points. We have made that easy to do. Check out the places mentioned in Hilarie Burton Morgan’s, The Rural Diaries, below and use Google to take a tour.

Ready to Make a Little Mischief?

One of the best things about Houston is all the wide-open spaces. Within an hour you can be in the country. Even better? The country is pretty affordable. If Hilarie Burton Morgan has inspired you to make a change here are some pretty cool options available right now!

Hilarie and Jeffrey Morgan started out their life in Rhinebeck, NY in what they often called ‘The Cabin.’ It was on fewer acres and was a cozy home that needed a lot of work.

If you are looking for a baby step this house in Burton, TX is ringing the cabin bells! And, come on! It’s in Burton.

‘The Cabin’

‘The Cabin’ on West Pine Rd.

Cabin in Burton, TX
3351 FM 2679 Road, Burton, TX 77835

Your Community: Brenham

1 hour or less to….Cypress, Katy, College Station,

How Much Mischief: A Lot – this is your starter “Cabin”, 15 acres, 4/3 log house, pond, workshop, horse barn

Cost: $475,000

‘The Farm’

Your Community: New Ulm, Bellville

1 hour or less to….Cypress, Katy, Energy Corridor,

How Much Mischief: A Lot – this is about as close to Mischief Farm as you will find within an hour of The Greater Houston Area, 66 acres, large 8/5 farmhouse, raised garden beds, pond, trails, workshop, and horse barn

Cost: $1,075,000

Runners Up

9221 Faulkner Road, Cleveland, TX 77328

Your Community: Cleveland

1 hour or less to….Houston, The Woodlands, Baytown

How Much Mischief: 29+ acres, 2/2 house, 4-car garage with 1/1, pond, horse stalls, and an arena

Cost: $475,000

3349 Fm 109, Columbus, TX 78934

Your Community: Columbus

1 hour or less to….Katy, Energy Corridor

How Much Mischief: 24+ acres, 3/2 house, metal building with facilities, pond

Cost: $499,000

16313 Borgstedte Road E, Washington, TX 77880

Your Community: Chappell Hill

1 hour or less to….Jersey Village, Katy, and The Woodlands

How Much Mischief: 18+ acres, 3/2 Farmhouse, pond, horse barn

Cost: $435,000


Your Community: Brenham, Bellville

1 hour or less to….Cypress, Katy,

How Much Mischief: 77+ acres, 4/3 farmhouse with pool, 2/2 guest house, barn, windmill, pond, several outbuildings and a workshop

Cost: $1,349,000

5677 US Hwy 90, Cat Spring, TX 78933

Your Community: Schulenburg

1 hour or less to….Katy

How Much Mischief: This is Texas Mischief with the quintessential 1910 farmhouse on 31+ acres, outbuildings, pond

Cost: $399,000


Your Community: Magnolia

1 hour or less to….Cypress, Katy, Houston, The Woodlands, College Station

How Much Mischief: This one might be a little too polished for mischief! 69+ acres, 4/4.5 farmhouse, guest house, 3 barns, storage buildings, pens and a chicken coop.

Cost: $1,760,000

Are you reading The Rural Diaries? What Mischief will you be up to today?!

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