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Spring 2020: The Best New Kid’s Books Your Family Will Love

Spring 2020 is here! New books are hitting the shelves (virtually, speaking). Thanks to an amazing group of publishers we have been reading advanced copies to find our favorites. Our top five picks are books your kids will love and you will not mind reading again and again.

Which are you ready to read?

A Is for Another Rabbit, by Hannah Batsel

Who doesn’t love funny and charmingly aggravating rabbits! This is not your traditional ABC book. Every letter is not highlighted in a big bold font and, as the story goes on it devolves into wascally wabbit madness and the letters are used much more loosely. But, it is totally that kind of book!

Before you start to read be prepared to do voices – your kids will like it so much more! You need a fun freewheeling Lagomorph-loving rabbit voice and an uptight losing-it owl (as a parent you should be able to channel that one pretty easily).

What I loved about the book is that it is fun, does not take itself too seriously, and mixes in big words (like tenacious, rambunctious, and obstreperous). The art is great! Our poor owl, who is just trying to make a nice alphabet book, is a perfect foil to the copious amount of lighthearted rabbits. The only thing I did not love is the font that was used for the owl. Really not a big deal.

Overall, a fun book that would be fun to read again and again. Especially, if you love rabbits!

Window, by Marion Arbona

We loved this book! It would be great for that kid who won’t stop talking during storytime! ‘Window’ has no words just illustrations heavy on quirky details and fun.

It follows a little daydreamer, Martha, as she walks home from school and imagines what is going on in each of the windows. This is one that you will revisit as you are sure to discover something fun with each new pass.

This Spring 2020 take a walk and imagine!

Bringing Back the Wolves, by Jude Isabella

The wolves are back in Yellowstone! But, what does that mean for the land and animals still there? Reintroducing the gray wolf set off a chain reaction throughout the park. This book explains in child-appropriate vocabulary and depth the very real effects this had on the land and its communities.

For those who love wolves, nature, and/ or are learning about food webs this book is a great resource. It is well researched and presented with appealing illustrations. Younger kids will love the art, older elementary to middle school will understand the connections and the science.

We highly recommend it!

What Grew in Larry’s Garden, by Laura Alary

What a lovely story about gardening, friendship, and paying it forward. Grace loves gardening with her neighbor, Larry. And, learns that you can grow more than plants in a small plot of earth. The story is inspired by a real Larry who used his garden to teach his students about reaching out and growing community.

The illustrations are lovely. The story is very nice and a great rhythm for reading aloud. Sometimes children’s books beat you over the head with a moral. ‘What Grew in Larry’s Garden’shows something nice that someone did in a way that will inspire others to do the same.

Taking Time, by Jo Loring-Fisher

‘Taking Time’ is a beautifully illustrated picture book that takes you around the world between two covers. It would make a nice inclusion to any world studies activities. The prose is a nice poem that is easy to read aloud. Each two-page spread travels to a moment in time in a far off place. The message of slowing down to appreciate the small things is perfect for our fast-paced world.

We hope you love these Spring 2020 books as much as we did! Want to talk more books? Come join our Facebook group or hang out with us on Instagram.

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