BRAIN FREEZE! Cure for the Common Ice Cream Headache

Toddler boy wearing a spider-man t-shirt has a brain freeze and has put a white paper napkin across his head.

Sometimes, when you’re a parent things come easy (most of the time they don’t).  And, when they do you say, “Thank You” and hope it lasts forever.

Right now when my wee one gets brain freeze he takes a paper napkin, unfolds it and places it on his head.  Somehow, making himself look like a little pilgrim girl cures his ice cream headaches.  Whatever works!  I seriously hope this lasts until it’s not cute and people just start thinking he’s weird.  Because it is seriously cute.

In other news, if you really want to “cure” the brain freeze caused by the rapid dilation of the anterior cerebral artery and your cranium being flooded with blood which in turn causes pain then you can try a few options.

How to cure your Brain Freeze:

  • Slow down – But, it’s ice cream! I mean, we scream for ice cream.  So, no.  But, sure give it a try. However, in my scientific mind, it won’t matter because your artery doesn’t care how fast or slowly you freeze it.
  • Keep the cold in the front – meaning put it in the front part of your mouth and savor it a bit (also warming it) before you swallow.
  • Warm the roof of your mouth – There are several methods, one being to suck your thumb.  You might as well put that napkin on your head too.  You will not look cute, though.  Instead, put your nice warm tongue on the roof of your mouth to help constrict the blood flow rushing through that artery.  However, this can get in the way of eating if you are one of those people who is afflicted with each bite.  The quick warming alternative is to have a warm drink on hand.  Even room temperature water will help.

What are your no-fail brain freeze solutions?

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