Hello, Summer
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BOOK CLUB | 2016 Summer List

Hello, Summer

Ah, 2016…I’m a bit behind but I plan on dragging summer out to the fullest extent. What to read? There are lists. So many lists. So here’s mine! I like a mix.

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The Fluff:

These are sort of like a lady from another generation excusing herself because she needed to go watch her “stories.” No excuses here, but probably not on the average summer list.

The One (Book 3 of The Selection Series), by Kiera Cass

Finally, we find out who Maxon chooses! What America wants! Will the rebels find the books! Read the first two books to have a clue what I’m referencing. I hope I’m by the pool or beach when I delve into this.


glass sword

Glass Sword (Book 2 of the Red Queen series), by Victoria Aveyard

I really do enjoy this world. On the surface, this young adult dystopian series seems like others, but in reality, it is well written and the ideas are unique enough to stand on their own. Hopefully, the next installment will continue on its own path and not fall into the same pedantic story arcs that so much fiction relies upon.


The New:

These are the ones on The summer lists. They’re all newly published which is not my usual. I tend to have piles of books sitting about, so I tend to think, “I’ll just read those” – but perhaps I should just toss the lot, because they’re still, mostly, just sitting about. You can tell they’re literature because so many of them have the subtitle “A Novel.” Yep, legit reading.

girls in the garden

The Girls in the Garden: A Novel, by Lisa Jewell

I did pick this one based on the cover (come on, as all books are judged). I like it. The blurb sounds good too, though. A young girl’s body is found in a communal garden leading to the revelation of secrets and mysteries. I like suspense and good writing. So, finger’s crossed the blurb-writer knows what they’re talking about.


The Children, by Ann Leary

A story of a wealthy New England family who have children with names like Spin and Perry. The story begins when the youngest brother brings his new fiancee home and the lead up to the wedding. What sounds intriguing about this story it is told from the point of view of the reclusive sister who apparently has a secret, but famous, Internet persona.


the girls

The Girls: A Novel, by Emma Cline

Ugh, I’m really not sure about this one but it was the one book that was literally on every summer reading list. Maybe, it’s just the cover. I do not like it. The story does sound interesting. It’s set in the late 1960’s and Evie gets drawn into a cult as she gets swept up in the free spirit of the girls she meets who are already members.


So, that’s me. Have a good summer, I’ll be reading!

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