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Wrong Answers are Good | Alaska: Record Fires, Dead Salmon, Degrading Shorelines| How a Native American Celebrates Thanksgiving| $800M in Harvey Relief. 0 Payments| Beauty Rules to Break

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The Power of Wrong Answers in Science Education

“…learning requires getting past their own ideas.”


Want to know what climate change feels like? Ask an Alaskan.

“In some ways, it’s comforting, because things are warmer than they used to be,” Morris said. “But not having the environment be as predictable makes things a lot more uncertain.”


The Thanksgiving Tale We Tell Is a Harmful Lie. As a Native American, I’ve Found a Better Way to Celebrate the Holiday

“…my perspective on Thanksgiving has changed—at first from a sense of bitterness surrounding the real history of those lies we tell, of the actual stories we should honor and mourn, and then with a renewed hope for what our celebrations could be, if we simply changed our focus.”


How Many People Have Received Aid From Harris County’sHarvey Program? Zero.

“…more than 5,700 homeowners who have either filled out pre-application surveys or been invited to apply to the county’s $800 million recovery program for Harvey storm victims.

Not a single one has received that aid.”


I’m a Beauty Editor—Here Are 10 “Rules” I Intentionally Break

…there’s a lot of pressure…being immersed in a career and industry that are so beauty-focused, while fun at times, can also do a serious number on one’s self-confidence and sense of self-worth. I’ve found that over the past few years, I’ve strayed from old practices and beauty habits just …because other editors, influencers, or industry experts said it wasn’t the “right” way to do it or the “cool,” socially accepted beauty editor thing to do.”

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