New Year’s Eve 2020 | Houston’s Best Fireworks and Festivities 🎇

new year's eve 2020

New Year’s Eve 2020 is here! It can be family-friendly or just friendly. We should all definitely expect it to be more low-key and family-oriented than in year’s past. We anticipate that families will be staying in as many of the larger displays have been canceled.

Check out all the places to ring in the new year around town. There are some great noontime celebrations for your little ones. These usually have balloon drops and confetti (that you don’t have to clean up!).

What are your big plans for New Year’s Eve 2020? Staying in? Fireworks? Let us know below in the comments!

We have the same hope as everyone. That day-to-day life will move toward normal. That families will be healthy and find a stable sustainable place to balance. And, as always, be safe and have a great holiday and Happy New Year!

Looking for more to do this season check out our Guide to Houston Winter Festivals, Lights, and More! We track more than just snow in Houston. Additionally, we have found all the Santa sightings, Christmas lights, tree farm fun, markets, and much more.


In year’s past the city and all the suburbs would be offering multiple events of explosive fun to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2020. Unfortunately, we are just not there yet. So, how will you be ringing in the new year?

More than likely our family will go spend way too much money on fireworks. Then we will try really hard to stay up late. I will 100% not be eating black-eyed peas so for all of you that like them have an extra helping for me. Let’s do all we can for good fortune in 2021!

However you are celebrating, Happy New Year!

new year's eve 2020

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