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Top 10 Things to do in Houston with Kids This Summer

10 Things to do in Houston with Kids This Summer

There is always so much to do but if you just had to pare it down to the essential summer list here’s where we would and do head to around town!

1. Beat the heat

The Woodlands Church Indoor Play Area

Head into a nice air-conditioned playground!? Check out our Big List of FREE Indoor Playgrounds or for your littler ones check out some of the Ongoing Weekly Events & Activities for Toddlers & Preschoolers. Another favorite is to scope out Groupon for good deals on things like trampoline parks!

2. Visit Houston’s Bean

Cloud Column at MFAH
? Richard Barnes

Okay, it’s not a bean it is a cloud but technically so is the one in Chicago. It should not be much of a surprise that they resemble each other. They were, after all, commissions from the same artist. Either way get your culture on and take the kids to check it out at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston!

3. Special Events at the Zoo!

Houston Zoo Big Bugs

When this photo was taken the zoo was overrun with Big Bugs, this summer check out and Dinosaurs! Available at the zoo until September 5th. The photo ops will be endless! And, who doesn’t love animatronic aquatic creatures!

4. Get wet!

Schlitterbahn Torrent Beach
Slides for kids near Torrent Beach

Head to the beach, hit up a splash pad, or find a waterpark (or resort with a lazy river and, waitstaff? Yes, please!). If you’re not in the mood for sand drive to Galveston and ride the ferry across to Bolivar and spot dolphins. Then head back and eat ice cream at LaKing’s.

5. Max out your library card.

Woman Summer Reading on the Beach

Read a beach book and get the kids signed up for a summer reading club too. Check the calendar most libraries run fun free programs for kids all summer long – from Opera to Go, to NASA, to Zoo animals, to crafts and shows. Kill two birds with one library trip!

6. Go see a baseball game!

Constellation Field Skeeters Baseball Game

What could be more summer than baseball? And, what could be more Houston than our World Series Champs?! Between the Astros and Space Cowboys there is an affordable family friendly option for all budgets! Do you know that Constellation Field has a crazy awesome playground and a splash pad inside the park?

7. Camp

Camp BB Archery Spring Creek Park

No not in the outdoors, real Texans save that for the season that we call the-one-that-is-not-so-hot-that-we’re-all-going-to-die. Send the kids to Summer Camp (theirs can be outdoors).

8. See a Movie or Show!

Almost all the theaters have a summer program for kids. Find one near you and take in the cool dark respite from summer to catch up on some flicks you may have missed. Or, grab a blanket and watch a movie under the stars. Parks all around town are offering family-friendly outdoor movies! Be sure to check out Miller Outdoor Theaters? schedule. They have many kid-friendly shows.

9. Eat Ice Cream or Snow Cones or Snowballs!

Boy eating a red Snowcone at the USS Lexington

Like a lot of it. You can find a fancy shop. You can find a hut by the side of the road. They can freeze it in front of you, roll it in a cone, or you could take a drive to Brenham for a legitimate ice cream experience at the Blue Bell Creamery. Pair it up with a day at the Blue Bell Aquatic Center.

10. Be Lazy, Do Nothing

Boy in Sun Studying a Skink

Doing nothing is a thing! Boredom is great for building up creativity! Give the kids the keys to craft closet and let them run while you actively work on not entertaining them.

Have a Great Summer!

10 Things to do in Houston with Kids This Summer

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