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02 | Foraging Houston with Urban Harvest






Japhet Creek | 4466 Billy St., Houston, TX 77020

Foraging Houston details

From the organizer:

Join Mark “Merriwether” Vorderbruggen, Ph.D. as he reveals the “weeds” you should be eating and a few that are correct to toss aside. You’ll be taught the structural features necessary to properly identify both types of plants, as well as recommendations on how to use the edible ones, and even what they are telling you about your soil. You’ll be surprised by how many “weeds” are best killed with a fork!

Class Location and History: Japhet Creek

The Japhet Transition Community (previously the Japhet Subdivision) has a rich history dating back to 1891 – and its modern start began in 1986 with Jim Ohmart and Eileen Hatcher. The couple began purchasing, remodeling, and renting out 11 of the neighborhood homes. It is 3 miles from the Harris County Court House, in the 5th Ward area of Houston, just north of the Buffalo Bayou. Japhet Creek runs through the community.

The Japhet Community includes a community classroom for shared learning used for Permaculture classes and modules by Urban Harvest and Montessori schools.

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