Homeschool High School Resources

We are fleshing out a new page in our Homeschool Directory just for those taking it to the next level (last level?) – high school. Check it out and if you know of any great additions feel free to leave a comment or drop us an email. Thanks! Homeschool High School ResourcesRead More →

Gifts for Homeschoolers

Gifts for homeschoolers can be a lot of fun to buy. Typically, homeschoolers travel outside of the mainstream in wants. Since they are not around a ton of like-aged kids the peer-pressure element tends to lessen. The desire for name brand clothes and shoes seems to be a bit less (my kids wouldn’t know the difference between generic sports shorts and Under Armor and my pocketbook is happy). Often they are unaware of the “it” toys. Also, they are heavily self-funded so gift giving can be a blessing to the entire family. Homeschooling is very tailored to the child(ren). Often you are buying things year-round.Read More →