Book Look: Sail, by James Patterson


Sail – Thanks for Reminding Me Why I Stopped Reading Patterson

Should you Read it: NO. At BEST it is a 2/5.

The description reeled me in, Sail, by James Patterson and Howard Roughan, had promise. I was intrigued. The review highlighted a family taking a last ditch sailing adventure to return cohesiveness to their brood. Then, of course, disaster strikes. The publisher’s synopsis raves that the terror level will surpass “Lost” and “Survivor.”

I am a sucker for a good story on a sail boat…and, “Lost.” Not so much “Survivor” but I recognize it had a heyday. Plus, it just screamed, “Read me on a beach!” I just love a guilty pleasure-esque summer read. If only I had known the disappointment looming.

I just kept thinking will it ever end? Every time a storyline seemed to wrap up the authors felt it needed a twist or another character or another character with a twist and changing motivations. On top of all of the not-so-good plot “twists” (SPOILER AHEAD)…

…they kill off the only likable character quite early in the book.

The Mom is oh-so busy and has neglectfully neglected the raising of her children.

The eldest son is a stoner turned hero – I guess that was his personal growth for the book.

The youngest son was poorly written for his age.

Step-Dad super predictably bad and in it for the money.

Even the plain old bad guy was a cliche of every bad guy you have ever seen in an 80’s movie.

OMG! The Little Miss Way-too-hot-to really-love-the-cheating-husband is bad too! What a twist!

And, of course because the boat blows up, while everyone is conveniently swimming, there’s a shark! Heck yeah, there’s a MF-ing shark!

I think perhaps instead of James Patterson lending his money-maker of a name to every mystery writer wannabe co-author he should maybe just sit back, count his millions, and spend time putting out quality novels.

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