A Story to Preserve in our Hearts & Memories for Many Years to Come

Creative Commons License photo credit: mattieb

It was a beautiful Sunday morning.  Some people got up dressed and went to church.  Unfortunately, that was not what happened in my household.  If we had been at church instead of catching up on House and Fringe then perhaps I would not be scarred for life.

My sweet little boy crawled into my lap and because it is our custom to urinate in the mornings he was butt-nekkid, having removed the sleeping diaper and not yet had anyone motivated enough to go alllllll the way upstairs to retrieve some superhero underpants and hide the nudity.  Again, hindsight is twenty-twenty.

Being that he is the light of my life I was unsuspecting as he laid across my lap and tilted his little cheeky-bum-bums to the Heavens and proclaimed, “Wanna smell my poop cannon?!”


Please assure me it’s a boy thing and not a SBW thing!

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